Why You Should Choose Ducted Air Conditioning

Making a choice could be the hardest part about deciding to install an air conditioning system into your Adelaide property. The endless options in the market today can get you confused. Each system has its benefits and drawbacks. In the end, it really depends on your needs and the nature of your property.

Ducted air conditioning is considered an added asset to any property. It provides cooled and heated air and blends seamlessly into any d├ęcor. Additionally, it is one of the most energy-efficient heating and cooling systems.

For these reasons and more, you should choose ducted air conditioning:

Even Amount of Air Distribution

With just a touch of a button, your ducted air conditioning system can cool or heat your whole home. Forget about one room being hotter or colder than the other. Ducted air conditioning provides an even air distribution.

Central air conditioning gives you more freedom to move around your property. You will not have to open and close doors as you go. All rooms have the same temperature.

Very Discreet

Unlike other systems, ducted air conditioning is unobtrusive. With only the air grills and discharge vents visible, this air conditioning system is barely noticeable in any room. There are no bulky air conditioning units in the display to ruin the overall style of the room.

The other units of this system are hidden in the roof space, under the floor or outside your home. That is why the this air conditioning system is also very quiet. You will barely notice it.


One of the most essential features of ducted air conditioning is its cost-efficiency. By switching off the system in rooms that you are not using, you will save on your electricity bill. It is also much cheaper to install a ducted air conditioning system than install a split air conditioner in each room of the building.

Ducted air conditioning systems are relatively expensive to purchase and install. However, they are also considered an excellent investment for any real estate. Installing this system into your home will instantly add to its resale value. Over time, its running cost will also make your savings that offset its initial price.

Climat is one of the most established suppliers of heating, cooling, and solar energy systems in Australia. With over forty years of experience, our team of professional consultants are trained to design and install the most efficient and effective ducted air conditioning system for your property.

Your Adelaide house does not have to be new. We can also tailor and install ducted air conditioning systems in existing houses as well. At Climat, we carry a selection of Australian leading ducted air conditioning brands. We are also one of the biggest Daikin dealers in Australia. This high-quality brand is well known for its latest technology, efficiency, and reliability.

Get a reliable ducted air conditioning system for your Adelaide home. Call us now!