Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

There are lots of variables here and it all depends on the outside temperature and the chosen temperature and how much area is being conditioned compared with what the system was designed to handle.

Climat Service offers a Reverse Cycle Preventative Maintenance Plan which offers you the flexibility to choose peak (October to September) or off peak – the cheaper alternative (October to March).

All modern air conditioners (except the most basic systems) have timers with most having an easy to use program function for *set and forget* operation.

Ventilation for Outdoor Unit eg. Distance between fence and house
Noise Annoyance for my family & neighbours
Visual impact & other effect on Amenity of the location
Where is it going to work the best?
Refrigeration line length & complexity
Suitability of supporting structure or base.
Indoor location for quietest placement
Space for equipment & ease of access for service
Drainage – all air conditioners produce water at each unit

Unlike many businesses, Climat consultants are available for appointments at almost any time to visit all sites (within reason) for the purpose of assessing ducting design requirements & confirming installation details.

There are many differences between brands, noise level, running cost, reliability and ability to do the job in extreme conditions (or even run at all) can all vary greatly.

Climat's Design Consultants will work with you on exactly what you want to achieve and make professional recommendations based on that.

There are many different types of allergies and while of course it depends on medical advice, at Climat we have many different types of air conditioners including brands like Daikin which makes air conditioners endorsed by the National Asthma Council of Australia.

Wall mounted splits are highly efficient and very effective, great for both heating and cooling and are generally more suitable where one or a couple of the areas need to be covered.

Climat recommends air conditioners are to be serviced yearly for peak efficiency and best economy of operation. This may differ depending on the operating condition of the system. Of course simple things like washing filters (& the outdoors unit (in a dusty or seaside environment) should be done on more regular basis.

Climat keeps stocks of current model air conditioners otherwise our service division will be more than happy to help.

All Climat's ducted air conditioners have options of additional controllers.

Different prices on split systems reflect the different qualities and features. Climat will work out with you on what's going to be the most suitable split from their very wide range and make sure you get great value. A good choice would be the best value on the most suitable system for your situation.

While there are some minor advantages in installing air conditioning into a brand new home there are often no compromises at all with installing air conditioning in an existing home.

An evaporative cooling system is inexpensive to install and provides reliable low operating costs, air cooling and purifying for most homes where a ducting system can be installed.

A gas ducted heating system is a fantastic way of heating the whole house or a part of it. If you only need heating then you won't pay for a cooling system you don't need. Gas can cost slightly more for the same amount of heat only it's a lovely warmth.

That's a great way to buy heating and cooling & there are some great reasons for doing it that way, your Climat Design Consultant can help with advice if that's the best for your situation.

Ducted reverse cycle generally costs more to run on the cooling than an evaporative system, only it can often save running cost on heating depending on how your house and ducted system is designed. Evaporative is a great way to move fresh cool air through the home under most weather conditions, reverse cycle or refrigerated cooling works much better in extreme conditions. Ducted reverse cycle is able to provide both heating & cooling through the same outlet whereas ducted evaporative cooling will need to be combined with a separate ducted gas heating system with its' own in-roof ducting & separate outlets in the room in order to have heat. Evaporative cooling & gas heating combinations are a great choice where the electricity supply is limited and there is a good mains supply.

Usually the less the air conditioner runs the less it costs to operate, so the highest temperature you are happy with on cooling and the lowest temperature that you like for heating are good choices.

Generally speaking manufacturers make systems that are all variations of white. However, the new deluxe Mitsubishi Electric Multi Head units are also available in stunning Black & Silver.

It varies a lot depending on the design of the home & ducting system, generally the largest single system will run about 10 standard outlets/10 small rooms or less with multiple/larger outlets per room. Multiple or *Multi* systems are great options for extremely large homes. A Climat Design Consultant is fully trained to work with you to arrive at the best design for your requirements.

The *Eco*in Eco Green means economy of operation because it's the best insulated duct which translates into smaller power bills and savings for the environment compared with other (lesser) ducts. Gold duct is still a great alternative & is at a much higher standard than the industry normally offers.

Installation in an existing home, as a general rule, takes 1 day; your Design Consultant will discuss arrangements for installation once a design is finalised.

If you haven't bought the air conditioner yet your consultant is a great place to start. For ducted reverse cycle systems already installed by Climat you can send back the "Preventative Maintenance Plan* form to proceed with the regular services; or otherwise Climat Service direct

Climat has finance options of up to 60 months to approved applicants; your consultant will discuss this with you. Lending terms and conditions apply.