Privacy Policy

Climat Air Control & Energy Centres Pty Ltd
Our Commitment To Protecting Your Privacy

Climat Air Control & Energy Centres Pty Ltd strives to provide its customers with the highest level of service and expertise utilising our teams skill & knowledge.

Our team understands that it is important to protect your personal information and we go to great lengths to do so. Any personal information we may collect about you will only be used to help serve you better and more efficiently. Climat Air Control & Energy Centres Pty Ltd have no intention to, and will not unless compelled by law, forward any personal information about you to any third parties other than to help us (or the suppliers of goods & services you purchase from us) contact you or in the circumstances below. It is important to us that you feel confident in providing Climat Air Control & Energy Centres Pty Ltd with your personal information. If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy please call us on 1300 85 65 85

Direct Marketing & Contact

Climat Air Control & Energy Centres Pty Ltd may send out information to you about company announcements, important information service information and reminders as well as information such as recalls, new technology and specials etc. If it anytime you wish not to recieve this news please call us in South Australia on 1300 954 068 or 1300 954 198, or in Victoria on 1300 955 718 or 1300 956 076 and ask for the administration manager or email admin@climat.com.au informing us you do not wish to recieve these announcements. A written confirmation will be sent to you.

Reasonable Use

Climat Air Control & Energy Centres Pty Ltd reserves the right to use personal information as below:
– Obtain a personal or commercial credit report (Section 18K (1) (h) Privacy Act 1988).
– Provision of Goods/Services.
– Provide instruction to subcontractors.
– Marketing of Goods/Services by the Seller, its agents, distributors, or contractors.
– Assessing the credit worthiness of the buyer in relation to extending credit.
– Exchanging of information with credit reporting agencies, or with any trade reference/s named by the Buyer.
– Processing of any payment instructions, direct debit facilities and/or credit facilities requested by buyer.
– Collection of amounts outstanding in the Buyer’s account by the Seller’s nominated – Collection agent or solicitor.