Why It’s Time to Consider Investing in a Ducted System

Air conditioning systems are essential for every home nowadays. However, there are different systems in the market to suit various needs and lifestyles. That is why trying to find the right air conditioning system for your Adelaide home can be confusing for you.

Ducted air conditioning systems are one of the most convenient and energy-efficient systems in the market today. They are the best choice for you, especially if you have a large house.

Here is why investing in a ducted air conditioning system is always the right decision:


Unlike other systems, ducted air conditioning is not invasive to the design and decoration in your home. These systems are almost invisible. They do not include a bulky indoor unit like split systems.

With ducted air conditioning, you will have more freedom and flexibility in planning your interior design. The ducts of these air conditioning systems blend seamlessly into the ceiling. They will not interrupt the overall look of the room.

Control and Flexibility

One of the most essential aspects of any air conditioning system is the amount of control you have on it. Ducted air conditioning does not just cool or heat your entire house quicker than other systems. It also gives you control on which rooms to air condition or not. You can also customise the temperature of each room individually.

Turning off the air conditioning on empty rooms you are not using will save you on your power bills. Additionally, your family members will feel more comfortable at home. Members can choose the temperature of their room freely, without having to compromise.


Air conditioning represents a significant chunk of your electricity bills. That is why getting an energy-efficient air conditioning system can save you a lot of money. Ducted air conditioning is one of the most energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions, especially for large spaces.

Using a single ducted air conditioning system for your entire house is much efficient and cheaper than getting multiple split systems. The zoning feature of ducted system will also save you money. You will not have to waste energy on heating or cooling empty spaces.


Split air conditioners have an annoying humming sound. Some people find it difficult to sleep through the sound of their compressor. Ducted systems, on the other hand, is almost silent. You might even not notice that they are on. Their compressor is usually installed outside your house away from the bedrooms.

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