Types of Air Conditioning Available at Climat

With summer approaching, it is the perfect time to get an air conditioning system for your Adelaide home. Climat is one of the longest established suppliers of home heating and cooling systems in Australia. With over forty years of experience, we can help you find the most suitable air conditioning system for your Adelaide home and lifestyle.

We carry a selection of air conditioning systems, all from Australian leading brands with proven quality you can rely on. Here are the types of air conditioning systems we provide:


Ducted Reverse Cycle

Also known as central air conditioning, these systems are extremely popular amongst Adelaide home and business owners. You can install ducted air conditioning systems in new homes or you can  retrofit one in your existing Adelaide house. Once installed, your ducted air conditioning will work discreetly. Only the return air grill and discharge vents will be visible in your home.

Ducted reverse systems are the ultimate in heating and cooling systems. They are more suitable if you are looking for an air conditioning option to keep your entire Adelaide house cool in the summer. A ducted air conditioning system can cool or heat multiple rooms and areas or even one room as needed.


Split System

This air conditioning system consists of two main parts – an outdoor unit, also known as the compressor or condenser and an elegant indoor unit, the only visible part in your Adelaide house. Its usual installation is under the ceiling, on the wall or on the floor.

Split air conditioning systems are best for cooling one single room or area. If you want to air condition several rooms around your Adelaide house, then a split multi-head system will be more suitable.


Multi-Head Split System

If you need to install many split system units in your Adelaide house, there is no need to create a mess outside. With a multi-head system, you can connect several indoor units to just one outdoor unit. Multi-head air conditioning systems are ideal for cooling multiple rooms or one large area in your Adelaide house.


Ducted Evaporative Cooling

These air conditioning systems work more naturally. Have you ever noticed how it always feels cooler when you are near water? That is exactly how this air conditioning system works. It absorbs the hot air outdoors and cools it using water. A fan then circulates the naturally cooled air throughout the ducts inside your Adelaide house.

Unlike other air conditioning systems, evaporative cooling uses fresh air to keep your home cool. Traditional air conditioning systems, on the other hands, recycle the same air inside your Adelaide house.

At Climat, our aim is to help you design the ideal air conditioning system for your Adelaide home and lifestyle. It has to be effective, cost-efficient, and easy to use.

Get an air conditioning system that will make your Adelaide home ready for summer. Call us now for a free quote!