Your Guide to Buying the Right Solar System for Your Home

blue solar panel boards

Deciding to get a solar system for your Adelaide home is exciting. However, other decisions need to be made by you first. Purchasing a solar system is a substantial investment. That is why you need to do some research.

To make sure you get the most out of your investment, you need to choose each component of your Adelaide solar system carefully. Here are some tips:

Solar Panels

They are the most visible component of any solar system. Most homeowners are usually concerned more about the appearance of the solar panels on their roof. However, when choosing solar panels for your Adelaide home, there is much more than looks to consider.

If you have limited roof space, you need to get highly efficient solar panels. They will generate the required amount of solar energy using fewer panels. It is recommended to buy solar panels of high efficiency, even if your Adelaide roof is not short on space. This way, you will not use up all the space you have. In the future, you can also add more solar panels to increase your solar energy production.



Many homeowners think a solar system just needs panels to produce energy. They overlook the critical role of the inverter.  A reliable inverter is crucial in ensuring that a solar system is efficient, not just that it is made out of more than high-quality panels.

Solar energy cannot just be used in your Adelaide house. It needs to be converted first into a suitable form of electricity. The inverter is the part of the solar system concerned with this process. That is why the efficiency of your inverter will directly impact the productivity of your Adelaide solar system.

High-quality inverters will waste less electricity as heat, during the conversion process. Therefore, you should get your invert only from reliable brands.



To get the most out of your Adelaide solar system, you need a battery. It will enable you to store the produced solar energy for later use. This way, your Adelaide household can work on solar energy day and night.

A few years ago, getting a battery for your Adelaide solar system was not a realistic option. Batteries were costly. With the enhancements in technology and increase in demand, batteries have now become more affordable to homeowners.



Getting a solar system for your Adelaide home is a long-term investment. It has to work efficiently long enough to pay for itself and even make you some profit. That is why you need to purchase your solar system from a reputable brand. Each component has to be covered by a substantial warranty.

Climat is one of the longest established solar experts in Australia. We are also an accredited solar photovoltaic (PV) retailer. We can provide you with all the reliable solar brands you can trust. To make quality solar systems more affordable, we offer up to sixty months in payment terms to approved applicants.


Get the right solar system for your Adelaide home and lifestyle. Call us now!