Why You Need a Daikin Split System Air Conditioner

Daikin Multi Split System

Choosing the right air conditioning system to suit your needs may be an overwhelming task for some. There are many types of air conditioners available namely split system, reverse cycle, inverter system, multi system and portable. In this article, we will cover Daikin split systems and how they can benefit your home!

What is a Split System?

As the name suggests, a split system air conditioner comes in two parts, with one mounted onto the wall indoors and the other sitting on the outside to exhaust heat. Not only is it affordable to have a split system installed, it’s incredibly efficient too! 

Daikin is known in the market for its reliability, efficiency, and latest technology. These heating and cooling systems are designed to fit into tight and compact spaces. They are also very energy efficient and exceed the MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards).

Let’s dive into the benefits of Daikin split systems. 


Advantages of a Daikin Split System

Air Purification Thanks to Daikin Streamer Technology

The secret to Daikin’s performance is its streamer technology. It is a cutting-edge air purification system that eliminates odours and bacteria from the air indoors. The air inside the home contains pollutants and allergens that can compromise our health. 

Daikin’s streamer technology features a high-power plasma discharge that generates high-speed electrons to decompose harmful substances. This dynamic oxidative decomposition continuously eliminates pollutants and allergens. In fact, this innovative technology eliminates pollen by more than 99.6% in 2 hours and mould by more than 99.99% in 24 hours. So trust Daikin to provide you with clean and purified air in your home! 

Easy Installation

A split system is easy to install, as there is no ductwork required. Thus, there’s no need to fork out extra cash in order to get ductwork installed. Plus, as no window is required for installation, split system units can be installed wherever you’d like.

Quiet to Run

Daikin split system air conditioners operate with such silence that you won’t even notice it’s on! In fact, some units can operate as silently as 19 decibels. This makes split systems ideal for classrooms, libraries, offices and other environments that demand little to no noise.

Easy Maintenance

The great thing about Daikin split systems is that they are easy to maintain! Split system units require periodic routine cleaning. There’s no need to get in touch with a technician, as these units come with a removable and washable filter if you want to clean them. Hence, making split systems ideal for homeowners and renters alike.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Typically, split systems are more energy efficient, as central systems tend to lose energy through ductwork. When there is ductwork that hasn’t been installed properly, problems around energy efficiency can arise. As split systems offer a ductless operation, expect your savings on energy bills to increase significantly!


What to Look for in a Split System

While split system air conditioners may be popular, they may not be suitable for everyone. There are a few factors to take into consideration, as split systems require professional technicians to install. Split systems are worth considering if:


Types of Daikin Split Systems

Daikin split systems are designed to be used in one room or a specific area of your home. As a leading brand in air conditioning, you can trust Daikin to provide the best air conditioning solutions for residential and commercial properties.

Daikin split system range consists of Cooling Only and Reverse Cycle units. As the name suggests, Cooling Only does exactly that. It is a mix of outdoor condensation and indoor handling. The unit for indoor handling features a cooling coil and an air supply fan, along with the expansion apparatus.

Reverse cycle split systems, not to be confused with reverse cycle ducted air conditioning, offer both heating and cooling. In heating mode, the split system unit extracts heat energy from the outdoor air and circulates it indoors via the refrigerant gas in the pipes connecting the indoor and outdoor units. In cooling mode, the process is reversed – heat energy is extracted from the indoor air and is moved outside. Reverse cycle split systems are some of the most popular types of air conditioning in Australia!

Get Daikin Split Systems at Climat

Did you know that Climat is one of the biggest Daikin dealers in Australia? We offer sales and installation services on split, multi-split and ducted reverse cycle systems for your Adelaide or Victorian homes. For more convenience, Daikin heating and cooling systems can be controlled from anywhere. You can control your heating and cooling system through the internet, using your smartphone or tablet.

Enjoy a 5-year warranty when you purchase a Daikin split system at Climat. Not only that, every Daikin Adelaide air conditioning system purchased through Climat South Australia comes with a generous 10-year installation and workmanship warranty. Trust Climat for great brands, expert advice and peace of mind. For full details, request a free quote here.