Why Choose Climat for Solar!

Solar technology is still relatively new. Not so many people are aware of how it works. As an Adelaide homeowner, you probably have previously dealt with plumbers or electricians. Solar companies, however, are not your typical contractors. That is why many people get nervous when they have to deal with them.

With solar energy becoming very popular in Adelaide, there are many solar companies now to choose from. Solar companies might seem similar to you on the surface. However, their level of quality and competency is not the same at all.

Climat is one of the longest established solar companies in Australia. We are leading solar experts and offer only trustworthy brands.

Here is why you should choose Climat for all of your Adelaide solar needs:


By choosing Climat, you will benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience. We are one of the longest-running solar companies in Australia. We have been in the solar and air conditioning business for over forty years. That is how we understand that not all Adelaide homes and lifestyles are the same. We will work with you to design a solar system that best suits your unique needs.

Reputable Brands

Getting your solar components from reputable brands ensures your system will run smoothly and last for a long time. That is why at Climat, we recommend only the most proven, reputable solar brands. Our favourite solar brands include SMA Solar, LG Solar, Suntech, Jinko Solar, Enphase, and Zeversolar.

Other solar companies might choose cheaper brands. However, what you save upfront with these solar companies, you will pay in repairs. You might even have to change the whole solar system, after a couple of years.


Trustworthy solar companies know that not any system will be suitable for your Adelaide house. At Climat, we care about finding the most efficient, cost-effective solar system for your home and lifestyle. We do not want to just sell you any solar system. Our professional consultants are trained to work with you to design the most suitable solar system for your needs.

Professional Installation

During installation, we make sure the job is carried out with minimal fuss and inconvenience for you. Only our trained and approved team will be involved in the process.

Conveniently Located Showrooms

We have many conveniently located showrooms. There, our team can demonstrate the solar products they recommend for you. Our consultants can even come to your Adelaide home to present the products to you as well.

Efficient After-Sale Service

Unlike other solar companies, Climat is there for you right from your initial consultation through to any after-sales services you might need. You can always rest assured that we have you covered. We do also offer some of the best warranties in the solar business.

Payment Terms

To accommodate your budget and financial requirements, we offer up to sixty-month payment plans. Not only that, have we mentioned that we are also an accredited photovoltaic retailer? All the more to choose us!

Climat will save you from the rising electricity rates in Adelaide. Call us now to get a free quote!