Which Solar Panel System Is Best for My Home?

As the electricity cost continues to rise all over the world, more and more homeowners become interested in solar energy. By installing solar panels at your Adelaide home, you will take advantage of one of the most powerful, yet free energy sources; the sun.

Solar panels produce green energy. They will cut your energy bills and also help you save the planet. But how do you know which solar panels are most suitable for your Adelaide home?

Choosing the best solar panels system depends on getting the right mix of components: solar panels, inverter and solar battery.

Here are some aspects to help guide you while switching to renewable energy:

Solar Panels

In today’s market, solar panels come in different kinds of shapes and sizes. To help you choose the best solar panels for your Adelaide home, you need to calculate your electricity needs first. It will provide you with an overview of the solar panels system capacity you need.

The average Adelaide family consumes around 20 and 30 KW/h of electricity per day. By installing a standard 3-4 kilowatt solar panels system, you can cover around one third to half of your family electricity needs.


To create energy, solar panels produce power from the sunlight. The inverter then converts this power into a form of electricity that you can use around your Adelaide house. There are generally two types of inverters: string inverters and module-level power electronics.

String inverters are the more cost-efficient option in solar panels systems. They are a good choice if your Adelaide home has good sun exposure. Otherwise, you will need module-level power electronics. This inverter is more expensive. However, it will be more efficient if your solar panels are located in a lightly shaded place.

Solar Storage Battery

Just like a normal battery, it is charged by the solar energy generated by your solar panels. At night or on cloudy days, the battery will enable you to use free solar power. Nowadays, solar batteries have become more affordable. That is why they are considered essential in any solar panels system.

Cost and Savings

The savings depend on the current cost of power. Generally speaking, it will take about five to six years to get your money worth back from a quality solar panels system. After that, you will be getting pure savings on electricity bills.

There is no point of buying a high-performance solar panels system for your Adelaide home if it will not get properly installed. At Climat, all of our technicians are experienced and fully qualified. With our range of trusted brands, our solar panels systems are built to last. Our over thirty years of experience make us able to provide you with expert advice and affordable solar panels system packages. Plus, we’re also an accredited photovoltaic retailer.

Green, renewable energy is not a future luxury anymore, it is the present. Call us now to get the best solar panels systems for your Adelaide home!