What You Need to Know About Solar Energy and How It Can Save You Money

Solar systems are getting more popular by the day in Adelaide, and everybody is curious to know what all the hype is about. The first step to understanding a solar system is knowing what solar energy is. 


What solar energy is and the things you need to know.

Solar energy, in simple terms, is energy harnessed from the sun. Energy from the sun can come in two ways; electricity and thermal. However, the electricity form is the one that is used in most solar systems. The forms of energy the sun generates are captured, and that’s where solar panels come in. Solar panels, which are an integral part of the solar system, capture and store the energy they get from the sun.

When you’re using a solar system, you’re basically using converted energy from the sun. The energy solar panels store is sent to a solar power inverter, converting it into usable electricity you can use in your Adelaide home. Solar energy is one of the best things you can get for your Adelaide home because of the amount you save.

Indeed, a  high-quality solar system will save you loads of money. Keep on reading to find out how a solar system can save you money.


Little to no electricity bill

Yes, you read that right. Thanks to solar energy, you can significantly cut down how much you pay on your electricity bill. If you’re a heavy electricity user, you probably dread when the electricity bill comes because you know it’s going to be huge. Once you have a solar system in your Adelaide home, you can save thousands.

Solar systems are used in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, so you always have a choice. If the electricity bill is something you always worry about because of how much it costs, you should go solar.

If you go solar with us at Climat, we will make the whole process smooth for you. We offer solar systems from reputable brands like LG, Suntech, etc. You can even pay in instalments!



With inflation also comes the rise in electricity bills. It’s no news that there’s a hike in electricity bills yearly. Well, once you have a solar system, utility bill hikes are no longer your problem. Since you mostly use your solar system, you don’t have to pay more money for your electricity bill. The money you’d have used to fund the utility bill hike can go to other things. Starting to see how much money getting a solar system for your Adelaide home will save you?

If you want to make enquiries about other things regarding a solar system for your home, you can contact us, Climat. Our expert customer service will answer any questions you have.  You can’t go wrong when you go solar!