Ways to Prepare Your Home for Solar!

To finally have a solar system installed in your home is a serious decision. That is why it needs adequate preparations first. You might be ready to get a solar system. However, your Adelaide home might not be quite there yet.

Residential solar systems are relatively new. Therefore, not many houses are designed to get you the most out of your solar system. You must ensure that your Adelaide home will not waste the generated solar power before installing the system.

Here are some tips to help you prepare your Adelaide home for a solar system:


Get Your Roof Ready

A quality solar system is designed to last for long years on your Adelaide roof. Therefore, you should make sure your roof will stay in good shape for that long. You must address any required reparation before installing the solar system up there. You also need to assess if your Adelaide roof can handle the weight and size of the solar system you want.


Check the Shading on Your House

For it to produce power efficiently, your Adelaide solar system needs direct exposure to the sun. That is why any trees or chimneys casting shades over your solar system must be relocated. Otherwise, they will prevent your solar system from reaching its highest potential. Installing your Adelaide solar system at the right angle is also necessary. It will maximize its sun exposure throughout the day.


Reduce Wasted Energy

Many people are living in energy-wasting houses, without even noticing. All they see is high electricity bills. To make the most out of your solar system, you need to ensure your Adelaide home is energy efficient. By reducing energy waste, your household electricity consumption will decrease. You will need a smaller, less expensive solar system to cover your needs.

To enhance the energy efficiency of your Adelaide house, check if it has any leaks. Hire a professional to seal off any leaks around the windows and doors or on the roof. Make sure also that your floors, walls and roof are effectively insulated. It will make your cooling and heating systems work more efficiently and consume less power.


Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Appliances

Your outdated home appliances are probably wasting more energy than they should. Check your appliances also – whether it is your refrigerator or air conditioning system. Upgrading to newer, more energy-efficient appliances will save you more money than you can imagine.

This way, with your solar system covering a larger part of your energy consumption, your Adelaide home will get even less electricity dependent. Soon,  you’ll notice significant drops in your monthly energy bills. Climat is one of the longest established suppliers of home solar energy systems in Australia. By choosing us as your solar system providers, you will benefit from our in-depth knowledge and experience in the field. We recommend only the most proven, reputable brands for solar system products.


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