Ways to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer And Warm in Winter!

With the extreme changes in temperature, having a system that can do both heating and cooling is now essential for every Adelaide house. It will make your home feel fresher in the hot summer days and cosier in the cold winter nights.

There is a wide variety in the home heating and cooling systems in the market today. You need to choose the best solution for your lifestyle and Adelaide home needs. Climat is one of the longest established suppliers of home heating and cooling systems in Australia. We carry a selection of leading Australian brands with the proven quality you can rely on. With over forty years of experience, we can help you choose the best heating and cooling system.

These are some of the systems we provide:


Ducted Reverse Cycle

It is the ultimate choice in heating and cooling systems. Ducted air conditioners are capable of heating and cooling your entire Adelaide house in minutes. The zoning features allow you to choose different temperatures for each zone in the home. You can also choose to switch off the heating and cooling in rooms that you are not using. That is why these systems are very energy efficient.

You can install these heating and cooling systems in new houses or get them tailored for already existing ones. Once installed, you will barely notice the system inside your Adelaide home. Ducted heating and cooling systems are silent and discreet. Only the return air grill and discharge vents will be visible inside your Adelaide house.


Multi-Head and Split System

Split air conditioning systems are suitable for heating and cooling single rooms. They are relatively cheaper to buy and easier to install. However, if you need heating and cooling for your entire house, then ducted systems will be more cost-efficient. Otherwise, you would have to purchase multiple split system units.

A multi-head split system can provide you with an efficient heating and cooling option for many rooms or a large area—no need to flood your Adelaide house with multiple outdoor air conditioning units. Multi-head split systems connect multiple indoor units in different rooms to just one outdoor unit.


Variable Refrigerant System

This advanced heating and cooling system will give you the best of both worlds. It combines both split and ducted heating and cooling systems, all connected to one outdoor unit. That is why you can expect massive energy savings with this heating and cooling system.

Just like ducted heating and cooling systems, variable refrigerant air conditioning comes with a zoning feature. You will be able to control the heating and cooling in each room of your Adelaide house. To reduce your energy consumption, you can switch off the system in the particular areas you choose. For ultimate comfort and flexibility, you can simultaneously cool some zones while heating others.


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