Things to Consider Before Purchasing a New Air Conditioner

What You Should Consider Before Buying a New Air Conditioner

Living room with central air conditioner


Living in Australia means an air conditioning system is essential for comfortable living. It helps you stay cool on harsh summer days. If you’re looking to install air conditioning in your home, there are a few factors to take into account before doing so. Your primary objective should be to find a system that can combat the heat and humidity efficiently. Let us help you in choosing the right air conditioner for your home. 


Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Determining the right type of air conditioner that will suit your home and needs should be at the top of your list. There are a few types of air conditioning systems that are popular throughout Australia:







Air Conditioner Sizes

After determining the type of air conditioner you want for your Adelaide home, the next thing is to consider the size of the system. Getting the right size is necessary, as you wouldn’t want your air conditioner to cool a room that is too big for it to handle. This can lead to higher utility bills and can cause the system to break down. On the flip side, a size too big can lead to a short cycle. Use the table below to get an idea of how big your air conditioning system should be:



Room Size Air Conditioner Capacity
10m² – 20m² 2.6kW
20m² – 30m² 3.5kW
30m² – 45m² 6kW
45m² – 65m² 8kW


Energy Efficiency

Another factor to consider prior to making a purchase is energy efficiency. In Australia, this is rated on a ten-star scale. The more stars an appliance has, the more energy efficient it is, assuming it was installed correctly. Note that for units that can heat and cool, they are given separate ratings for each function. This guide on how to choose an energy efficient air conditioner may be helpful to look at! 


Features to Consider

Some air conditioners come with fancier features than others. However, these air conditioners tend to be on the pricier side so be sure to keep that in mind. See below for a list of features to consider:



Noise Levels

This may not be an important feature to consider for many but if you do value a peaceful home, taking noise levels into account may be a good idea. Generally, air conditioners run relatively quiet indoors and out. 


Choice conducted a noise test and found that the noise from indoor units ranged from 19dB to 53dB, and from the outdoor units, 42dB to 69dB. To get a better understanding, here are some comparisons: 



Hiring a Professional Installer

Getting a professional to install your air conditioners is just as important as choosing the right air conditioners. In Australia, it is essential to hire a licensed professional to install your unit due to the gas refrigerant. This is a service that we provide. Climat offers sales and installation services for heating and cooling products. We can install your Adelaide air conditioners and solar products. Trust Climat for great brands, expert advice and peace of mind. For full details, request a free quote.