The Advantage of Installing Ducted Gas Heating in Your Home This Winter

With winter approaching, installing an efficient heating system for your Adelaide home is becoming a priority. You do not want to be sitting in a cold house all winter long. However, that does not mean paying high electricity bills. Only a ducted gas heating system can give you both warmth and efficiency. That is why it is a popular choice for many Adelaide homeowners.

In a ducted gas heating system, you connect the central gas heater to various outlets. It warms the air then distributes it throughout the ducts around your Adelaide home. That is how ducted gas heating delivers both, energy-efficiency and powerful heating.

Here are some of the benefits ducted gas heating provides:

Power and Efficiency

Even if the temperature outside drops drastically, your Adelaide ducted gas heating system will remain unaffected. It will not lose its efficiency and power, keeping your Adelaide home warm. Modern ducted gas heating systems come with a zoning feature. It allows you to separate your Adelaide home into zones. You can then set a different temperature for each zone or switch off the heat in unused rooms.


By giving you control over the temperature in each room, ducted gas heating provides you with maximum flexibility. Each family member can choose the temperature they are most comfortable with. You can also choose to heat your entire Adelaide home or just some rooms.

Unlike standalone heaters or split systems, ducted gas heating can quickly warm your entire Adelaide house. It will keep the temperature stable even in significant areas. You will not find uncomfortable cold spots or fluctuating temperatures.

Clean Air

With an indoor fireplace, you will suffer from smoke and dry air. This can cause breathing difficulties to you and your family. Dry air can also irritate your eyes, throat and skin. That is not the case with ducted gas heating.

These systems provide more moisture in the air. That is why ducted gas heating is more suitable if you have a family member with dust allergies or asthma. Ducted gas heating is also safer than other systems. Its central heating unit placed outdoors. This eliminates the danger of fumes, odours or fire inside your Adelaide home.

Environmentally Friendly

According to the Australian Gas Association, ducted gas heating is more environmentally friendly. It generates only one-third of the emissions produced by coal-generated, electric heating systems.


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Get ready for winter with a reliable ducted gas heating system. Call us today!