Split System Air Conditioners for Commercial Spaces: Cooling Solutions for Businesses

The general atmosphere in any commercial space can make or break a business. That is why you should always try to make your commercial space feel as comfortable and welcoming as possible. The right air conditioner will help you achieve that. You just need to choose the most suitable reverse-cycle air conditioners for your business. A split system could offer everything you are looking for in air conditioners. 

Well-designed, installed, and maintained reverse cycle split air conditioners are an excellent investment for any business. They will not just offer your clients and employees convenient temperatures all year round. Reverse cycle split air conditioners can also help your business save on energy bills. 

Here are some of the benefits reverse cycle split air conditioners will offer your business:


Maximum Convenience and Flexibility


Cooling, heating, and dehumidifying, reverse cycle split air conditioners do it all efficiently. Depending on the size of your commercial space, you can choose a single or multi-head split system. In all cases, the right reverse cycle air conditioners will keep your clients and employees comfortable all year round. 

Separate temperature regulation for individual rooms or zones is possible with multi-head split air conditioning systems. These offer high flexibility. So, everybody stays happy without sacrificing their comfort for others. You can also switch off the reverse cycle air conditioners in empty zones. 


Save on Your Business Power Bills


Every business wants to save costs in every way. Cooling or heating commercial spaces can use vast amounts of energy. That is why you need to choose highly efficient, reverse-cycle split air conditioners.

Reverse cycle systems work more efficiently. They do not create heat. Instead, these air conditioners move the heat from the outside and transfer it inside to warm the space. In cooling mode, your reverse-cycle split air conditioners will absorb the hot air and move it outdoors. Switching off the split air conditioners in empty rooms will also help your business save on power bills.


Avoid Noise and Disturbance


Quiet operations will enhance the comfort level in your commercial space. That is why you need to install reverse-cycle split air conditioners. These systems work with minimal noise levels. The noisiest part of these split air conditioners is the compressor. It is installed outdoors to remove any disturbance from your office or commercial space. 

At Climat, we are one of Australia’s longest-established suppliers of air conditioners. We offer high-quality air conditioners of all types: split and ducted. With over 40 years of experience, we know everything about reverse-cycle air conditioners. Our experts can recommend the most suitable reverse-cycle split air conditioners for your commercial space. They will listen to your desires and assess your space’s air conditioning needs. Accordingly, they will design the most efficient, cost-effective reverse-cycle split system for your business.

Invest in the best reverse cycle split air conditioners for your commercial space. Contact us today!