Our Top Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Brands

Why get an air conditioning system that can only cool or heat your Adelaide property, when you can have a system that does both? Reverse cycle air conditioners have both heating and cooling functions. Some reverse cycle air conditioners also come with filters to clean and dehumidify the air.

Climat is one of the most established suppliers of home heating and cooling systems in Australia. We have more than forty years of hands-on experience in the air conditioning field. With us, you can rest assured you will get the best brands in ducted and split heating and cooling systems.

Here are some of our most reliable brands:



This is one of the most popular brands of heating and cooling systems in the world. Daikin is known in the market for its reliability, efficiency, and latest technology. These heating and cooling systems are designed to fit into tight and compact spaces. They are also very energy efficient and exceed the MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards).

At Climat, we are one of the biggest Daikin dealers in Australia. We can supply a split, multi-split and ducted reverse cycle systems for your Adelaide home. For more convenience, Daikin heating and cooling systems can be controlled from anywhere. You can control your heating and cooling system through the internet, using your smartphone or tablet.



At Climat, we carry a complete range of Rinnai ducted and split heating and cooling systems. Rinnai air conditioners will not just provide heating and cooling for your Adelaide home. These air conditioning systems will also filter the air and dehumidify it.

Rinnai air conditioners come with zoning feature that provides you with high-energy efficiency. It allows you to choose the heating and cooling of each zone or room separately. You can switch off the air conditioning in the rooms you are not using in your Adelaide home. This way, you will not be wasting electricity on heating and cooling empty rooms.


Mitsubishi Electric

By getting a Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner, you can rest assured you will have one of the quietest heating and cooling systems on the market today. Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems have proven reliable performance in the harsh environment of Adelaide. They are also very energy-efficient. At Climat, we can supply affordable Mitsubishi Electric heating and cooling solutions for your Adelaide home.



With these heating and cooling systems, your Adelaide house will be more comfortable and healthier. Many LG air conditioners feature allergy reduction filters. They use an enzyme to help break down allergens.

LG split air conditioners combine both smart technology and elegant designs. With the ARTCOOL Changeable Panels, you will be able to choose the colour of your air conditioning unit to suit the décor of your Adelaide home. You can also customise the settings and fan speeds of each room with LG multi-split system air conditioners.

Get the best heating and cooling system for your Adelaide house. Call us now to get a free quote!