How To Choose the Right Solar Provider When There Are Many Solar Companies in Adelaide

The electricity rates in Adelaide have been constantly on the rise. At the same time, the solar system prices have been becoming more affordable. That is why solar systems are now an incredibly attractive investment for many Adelaide homeowners. With the increase in demand for solar systems in Adelaide, the supply has also expanded. Today, you will find various solar companies in Adelaide.

Installing a solar system is a significant investment. That is why you should evaluate Adelaide solar companies wisely. Otherwise, you might end up with one of the scam solar companies that sell you an unreliable solar system.

Before you get overwhelmed, here are a few tips to help you find the best solar companies in Adelaide:

Clean Energy Council (CEC) Member

With so many solar companies in Adelaide, you need to investigate their credentials. This will help you separate the legitimate solar companies from the unqualified ones. All CEC member solar companies are trustworthy. To become accredited, these Adelaide solar companies have demonstrated their commitment to responsible sales and marketing activities. They do also follow solar industry best practices and adhere to the CEC Code of Conduct.

Years of Experience

All well-established solar companies have been in the business for years. To continue with their operations for this long, these Adelaide solar companies must be doing things right. The years of experience also mean these solar companies have seen it all. They know which solar systems can be best suitable for your Adelaide household needs.

Quality Solar Systems

Relying on price alone to evaluate Adelaide solar companies is not a wise strategy. Some low solar system prices are just too good to be true. To get a reliable Adelaide solar system that will last for years, you cannot compromise on quality. That is why you need to choose solar companies that provide high quality brands.


Good Adelaide solar companies will not recommend you a solar system without consulting you first. They should understand your needs and lifestyle to provide you with the best solar energy solution. The solar companies should care about getting you the most suitable solar system, not the most expensive.

Climat is one of the largest, longest established solar companies in Australia. Our consultants will work with you to tailor a solar system that best suits your Adelaide household needs and lifestyle. With us, you can rest assured you will get a quality Adelaide solar system that will work efficiently for years. Unlike other Adelaide solar companies, we carry only the most proven reputable solar brand names. We offer warranties you will not get with other Adelaide solar companies in the market today for your peace of mind. We also include a ten-year guarantee on our installer’s workmanship.

Choose only the best solar companies for your Adelaide home. Talk to one of our solar experts today!