How Much Can I Save On My Electricity Usage With An Adelaide Solar System?

Is installing a solar system at your Adelaide property worth it? The general rule is, the higher the power cost, the larger the savings you will make out of your solar system.

With the right solar system for your Adelaide property, you can save hundreds of dollars every year. That is why solar systems are regarded nowadays as significant investments. In Adelaide, your solar system will pay for itself quickly because the electricity cost here is high and Adelaide has excellent solar radiation.

What Are the Average Savings?

`Many people are surprised when they first learn that a quality solar system can pay for itself in as little as five years. This is possible because solar panels became more affordable in the past couple of years. While solar systems are getting more and more cost-efficient, the cost of power is increasing. This increasing gap will result in more savings in your Adelaide power bill.

An average household of five persons utilises around 24.5 kWh/day. Installing a quality solar system could save this Adelaide household hundreds of dollars every year on power cost.

How to Calculate Your Savings?

As electricity prices continue to skyrocket in Adelaide, more property owners are interested in installing a solar system. The exact amount of savings, however, depends on how much electricity you use, the size and capacity of the solar system, whether you have a solar battery or not and many other variables. To get a more precise estimate, read your power bills carefully. Check how many kilowatts you are currently using. Then, subtract the kilowatts your solar system is expected to produce.

How Can Solar Batteries Help You Save More?

Recently, solar batteries became more affordable for property owners. This has changed the whole game of solar systems forever. Solar batteries act as storage units. They allow you to store the excess solar power and use it later on when you need it.

With a solar battery, you will be able to consume the produced solar power 24 hours/day. The usage of your solar system will not be just limited to day time. You will be able to consume your free solar power at night as well.

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