How Many Solar Panels Should I Get?

To benefit from solar energy, you have to make sure you are getting a suitable system for your Adelaide house and lifestyle. One of the main aspects to consider is how many solar panels should you get? It will determine the size of your whole solar energy system.

Solar panels come in various sizes, brands, and materials. The decision can be confusing, especially that not many homeowners are familiar with solar systems. To help you determine the suitable number of solar panels for your Adelaide house here are a few guidelines:


Calculate Your Electricity Consumption

This is one of the most challenging steps in solar panels sizing. However, it is essential. To estimate the future energy usage of your Adelaide household, you need to calculate its past consumption. All you have to do is calculate the average of your previous electricity bills. Keep any expected changes in mind. Some appliances can change the electricity consumption of your Adelaide household drastically.

Look at how many kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity you have used. An average family household consumes around 20 to 30-kW/h of electricity per day. To produce fully the same amount of energy, your Adelaide house will need about 28 to 34 solar panels.


Determine the Required Solar Power

Today, there are hundreds of solar panels options in the market. Make sure to choose a reliable quality brand. Quality and material can make a massive difference in solar panels. You also need to consider that solar panels will not operate with maximum efficiency all the time, even high-quality ones.

The amount of energy produced by your solar panels depends on many variables, such as the amount of sunlight exposure. That is why the location of your Adelaide house has a direct impact on the amount of power your solar system can produce.


Choose the Number of Needed Solar Panels

The power output of any solar system is affected by many variables. That is why it is difficult to make any generalisations. However, choosing high-quality solar panels will definitely increase the power of your Adelaide solar system.

You need to consider the shape and size of your Adelaide roof also. If space is not at all an issue, then you can get larger, less-efficient solar panels. These will be cheaper to buy. However, if you have a small roof, you need to get small, but high-efficiency solar panels. Otherwise, you might not reach the power output you need. They will cost more, but will also save you money in the long run.

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