Ducted Gas Heating Will Make Winter A Breeze

Brivis Central Gas Heating Zoning System

As winter is approaching, getting the right heating system for your Adelaide home is essential. A sound heating system should be energy efficient, yet meet the needs of your family. With ducted gas heating, you do not need to look further. This heating system relies on gas. That is why it is very efficient and convenient.

Ducted gas heating is designed to heat your entire home or just some chosen spaces. In this system, the central heating unit is connected to a series of insulated outlets. These are positioned all-over your house. With the thermostats, you will be able to control the temperature.

Because of these reasons and more you should get ducted gas heating for your home. Here are some more benefits of this system:


Ducted gas heating systems also feature zone heating. They allow you to warm only chosen rooms in your Adelaide house to save energy. Over a winter period the savings can be significant.


Compared to other electric heating systems, natural gas produces less greenhouse gas emissions. It is estimated that ducted gas heating systems generate only one-third of the emissions produced by coal-generated electricity. That is why ducted gas heating is considered, a more eco-friendly heating choice.


Ducted heating systems are central. They are designed to heat your entire home through small vents in both the floor and ceiling. With central heating, there will not be any cold spots inside your house. This will turn your home into a warm, cosy space for the whole family to enjoy in the winter.


As the temperature outside your house drops significantly, reverse cycle systems will lose their efficiency. Ducted gas heating systems, in contrast, will work effectively and efficiently no matter how cold it gets outdoors.

No Irritating Heat

Electric heating systems usually produce dry air. Drying out the room can cause irritation in your eyes, skin and throat. Ducted gas heating generates moister, fresh, warm air. That is why ducted gas heating systems are recommended for those who have asthma or dust allergies. It will make your whole home’s atmosphere feel instantly warmer and more comfortable.


A ducted gas heating system does not have any exposed hot surfaces, naked flames, fume emissions, or power cords. Therefore, it is much safer for your family and pets than other heating systems.

Climat is one of the longest established suppliers of home heating, cooling and solar energy systems in Australia. We offer a complete range of 4, 5 and 6-star ducted gas heating systems from brands such as Brivis and Rinnai, to suit the needs of any home.

Get a heating system that will keep your Adelaide home comfortable and cosy throughout the winter. Call us today!