Ducted Gas Heating Explained

Winter is approaching. Now, getting an energy-efficient heating system for your Adelaide house is a must. Ducted gas heating is considered one of the most energy-efficient systems in the market today. These systems can heat up your entire Adelaide house instantly, no matter how cold it is outside. That is why ducted gas heating is top-rated amongst homeowners.


What Is Ducted Gas Heating?

Just like the name suggests, these systems comprise a central heating unit that is connected to a network of ducts. These ducts are spread throughout your Adelaide house, reaching every room. They are placed either on the floor or the ceiling.

In a ducted gas heating system, all the components are tucked away. The only visible parts are the outlets and the controller. The central heating unit is placed either in the roof space or outside your Adelaide house. Unlike other systems, ducted gas heating allows you to set the temperature for every room separately.


How Does It Work?

Ducted gas heating works on the air inside your Adelaide house which then saves energy. The air is drawn to the system through a fan. It is then warmed by the central gas heater. Finally, the heated air is gently pushed back into the house via the ducts network. By recirculating the air inside the home, the ducted gas heating system ensures the temperature indoors remains stable.

To prevent any heat loss, the ducts of these systems are heavily insulated. Once the desired temperature inside your Adelaide house is reached, the heating unit switches off automatically. Slowly, the fan will also come to a halt.

Zoning is another feature of ducted gas heating that provides both energy efficiency and flexibility. This feature enables you to control the heat of each room or area in your Adelaide house separately. You can choose to switch off the heat in empty rooms.


What Are the Benefits of Ducted Gas Heating?

The zoning feature makes ducted gas heating a highly flexible system. You can set various temperatures for different rooms. This way, all the members of your family can choose their comfortable level of heating. No one has to sacrifice for the others.

By using natural gas instead of electricity, ducted gas heating is also very cost-efficient. It will save you a lot on your power bill. The use of natural gas will also reduce your carbon footprint. Compared to other systems, ducted gas heating is also considered less drying.

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