Creating a Smart Home With Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning 

Ducted reverse cycle systems are the best when choosing the best air conditioners for your Adelaide home. These air conditioners can keep your entire house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There is only one thing better than ducted reverse-cycle air conditioners. It is connecting your system to a smart controller.

The technology of reverse-cycle air conditioners has come a long way. A smart controller will help you maximise reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners. It will offer you a more convenient experience, better control, and higher efficiency. Here is how:


Smart Zoning


The zoning option is one of the best features of reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners. It allows you to set a different temperature for each zone in your home. You can turn off the air conditioners in unused zones to maximise efficiency. 

Installing a smart controller will take the ducted air conditioner’s zoning feature to the next level. Smart controllers allow you to control the air conditioners’ temperatures in different zones remotely. You can also manage the airflow and all other options of reverse-cycle air conditioners. These will be done via your smartphone, tablet, or other internet-connected device. 


Remote Air Conditioners Control


A suitable smart controller will help transform your home into a luxurious haven. Smart controllers will not just help you remotely control the zoning features in ducted air conditioners. Other smart features, like timers, can also help you make the most of reverse-cycle air conditioners.

The smart controller will switch ducted air conditioners on and off by setting timers according to your requirements. This way, you can select the timer to turn off the reverse cycle air conditioners while leaving for work. Before returning home, the timer can be set to turn on the ducted air conditioner. 

The latest smart controllers offer GPS features for air conditioners. This option turns air conditioners off and on according to your smartphone’s location. All you need to do is set a specific radius. Your reverse cycle ducted air conditioners will automatically switch on as you leave this radius. They will switch back on as soon as you enter the set radius. 


Wireless Temperature Sensors


Some clever controllers come with temperature-monitoring features. The wireless sensors will automatically detect if the room is getting too hot or too cold. Accordingly, ducted air conditioners adjust the airflow to maintain the desired temperature. 

At Climat, we are not just the best reverse-cycle ducted and split air conditioner suppliers. We also offer the latest smart controllers. They are compatible with the leading reverse-cycle air conditioner brands. 

Our air conditioner experts can design and install ducted reverse cycle systems in new and existing homes. We can also recommend the best smart controllers for your air conditioners and set them up for you. 

Make the most of reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners. Contact us now to learn about smart controllers!