Can a Solar System Completely Replace Electricity at My House?

Adelaide receives plenty of sunlight throughout the year. Yet, we rarely stop and think about how the sun affects our lives. With the constant increase in electricity costs, more Adelaide homeowners became interested in installing a solar system. The recent drop in solar system prices has also helped making green energy more mainstream in Adelaide.

Installing a solar system on your Adelaide home comes with a lot of benefits. Apart from the environmental gains, there are also significant reductions in your electricity bills. A solar system will provide you with a free, renewable source of electricity. This will help reduce your monthly power bills or even eliminate them completely. Here is how:

Can Your Adelaide Solar System Cover Your Electricity Consumption?

There is no standard answer to this question. It depends on various factors, such as the capacity of your Adelaide solar system, how much sun hits your roof, and much more. In addition, the amount of electricity your Adelaide household consumes will also play a significant role in how much your solar system can save you.

To make the most of your Adelaide solar system, you should first reduce your daily electrical consumption. This way, you will need a smaller solar system to cover a large portion of your electricity needs. Saving energy is always less expensive than producing it. Replacing your old heating system or air conditioner with more energy efficient ones can be a great start.

How To Choose a Cost-Effective Solar System?

When it comes to choosing a solar system, there is no one-size-fits-all. You need to tailor the solar system to suit your Adelaide household needs. The solar system does not have to completely cover your electricity consumption. Sometimes, just reducing a large portion of your power bill is more cost effective. On the other hand, a larger solar system comes at a higher price tag. Therefore, you should try to balance getting a solar system that will save you enough money to cover its price over the years.

Why Add a Solar Battery to Your System?

With a solar battery, your Adelaide home will be able to benefit from green energy day and night. Just as other solar system components, the batteries have also come down in price. They are now more affordable to Adelaide homeowners. A solar battery lets you store any extra energy produced during the day. You can then use this solar energy later in the evening or at night.

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