Benefits of Ducted Airconditioning Compared to Split Systems

Selecting a suitable air conditioning system for your Adelaide home or business can be an overwhelming feat. You want to invest in an air conditioning system that is both energy-efficient and also elegant. The most popular systems in the market today are split and ducted air conditioning systems.

For many people, the difference between both systems is obviously just in the appearance and style. However, there is much more beneath the surface. To help you make up your mind, here is why ducted air conditioning may be a suitable choice for your home:


Discreet Look

Split air conditioning systems consist of two parts. The one that includes the condenser is located outdoors. The rest of the air conditioning system will be installed inside your Adelaide home or office. It is the part that is usually fixed to the wall.

Ducted air conditioning systems are a completely different story. The whole system is concealed in either the roof space or outdoors. Indoors, only the vents will be visible. This discreet look gives you more freedom to choose any interior design you want for your Adelaide home. You will not have to worry about trying to make the air conditioning unit fit with the rest of the décor.


Central Air Conditioning

With a split air conditioning system, you can cool or heat just a single room or area of your Adelaide house. If you need to heat up or cool down more rooms, you will have to install more split air conditioners. It will be more cost-efficient to use central air conditioning.

As the name suggests, ducted air conditioning will cover your whole Adelaide home through a series of ducts. The entire system will be centrally controlled. You can set the desired temperature either for the entire property or for each room separately.



Buying one split air conditioner might be cheaper. However, if you want to heat or cool your entire Adelaide house that will not be the case. You will have to buy multiple split air conditioners. The running cost of these air conditioners will also be much higher than running one ducted air conditioning system.

You can save even more with ducted air conditioning systems that come with the zoning feature. It allows you to turn off the air conditioning in rooms you are not using. You can also set various temperatures for each room separately.

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We can install ducted air conditioning systems in both new or existing buildings. To make ducted air conditioning more affordable, we offer up to sixty months in payment terms.

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