Achieving Energy Efficiency With Split System Air Conditioners

With the rising cost of energy, Adelaide homeowners are making smart decisions when purchasing new appliances. There is no doubt that air conditioning represents a large portion of any household’s energy consumption. That is why you need to choose energy-efficient air conditioning systems. They will have a large impact on lowering your Adelaide home’s power bills. 

Split air conditioning is one of the most popular systems among Adelaide homeowners. These systems offer air conditioning in sleek and quiet designs. Today, you will find various split air conditioning models that provide high energy efficiency. Reverse cycle split air conditioning lies at the top of this list. Here is why:


High Energy Efficiency 


With so many air conditioning models on the Adelaide market today, the energy efficiency level varies greatly. That is why you should always invest in air conditioning with the highest Energy Star ratings. These indicate the air conditioning system will keep your Adelaide power bills under control. 

Split systems work more efficiently than other air conditioning models, like window units. Still, reverse-cycle split air conditioning systems offer even higher energy efficiency. So, you can rely on these air conditioning units to significantly lower your Adelaide household power consumption.


Efficient Comfort All Year Round


A reverse cycle air conditioning split unit will guarantee you comfort at your Adelaide home all year round. Unlike other air conditioning systems, the reverse cycle provides both heating and cooling. It will keep your Adelaide home warm or cool without driving your energy bills through the roof. 

Instead of creating heat, reverse-cycle air conditioning transfers the heat. In heating mode, this air conditioning system absorbs heat from the air outside. Then, use it to heat your Adelaide home. The cooling mode works the other way around. This method is much more energy efficient than other heating or cooling systems for your Adelaide home.


Consume the Right Amount of Energy


Split air conditioning units come in various sizes and capacities to suit all needs. For smaller rooms in your Adelaide home, you can install low-capacity split air conditioning. Units with a higher capacity are more suitable for open areas or large rooms. You can connect various indoor split air conditioning units to one outdoor unit. This way, you can switch off the air conditioning units in rooms you are not using at your Adelaide home. There is no need to cool or heat your entire Adelaide house and waste energy. 

At Climat, we are one of Australia’s longest-established suppliers of home air conditioning systems. With over 40 years of experience, we can help you choose the most suitable, energy-efficient air conditioning system for your Adelaide home. To guarantee quality, we carry a selection of air conditioning systems from leading brands. We are also one of Australia’s biggest Daikin dealers. This air conditioning brand is known for its latest technology, efficiency, and reliability.

Save on energy bills with the right air conditioning system. Visit our Adelaide showroom today!