Transform Your Home with Rinnai Gas Fires

Cosy Up in Style with Rinnai Log Fires

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Winter is near. Nothing beats cosying up by the fire and unwinding with a glass of your favourite wine, especially after a long day at work. Rinnai’s Gas Fires come in a sleek and modern design, providing the cosy ambiance of traditional fires without the mess and inconvenience of owning one.

Experience the timeless charm of a Rinnai log fireplace during the winter season. 

The soft radiance emitted by the gas fire fills the entire room, creating an ideal atmosphere for intimate evenings spent with your loved ones. Whether you’re gathered around the TV, engaging in board games or exchanging funny stories, a Rinnai gas fire adds a sophisticated touch to any home and serves as a comforting reminder that it’s the little things that make you the happiest.

But how does a Rinnai gas fire compare to other heating systems? Get to know all about Rinnai’s brilliant range of gas fires. 


What is a gas log fire?

A gas log fire serves as a space heater that blends the cosy atmosphere and heat of a classic fireplace with the practicality and efficiency of gas heating. It utilises logs made from non-flammable materials so that they are able to endure intense temperatures. These logs are specifically designed to imitate the look of authentic wood without producing smoke or ash.


You may be wondering how a gas log fire works. A gas log consists of a series of pipes and a collection of ceramic logs that can fit into various fireplace setups. The pipes distribute imperceptible gas through openings in the logs. Once ignited, the ceramic logs emit a consistent flame. As propane or natural gas is pumped through the pipes, it burns harmlessly on the surface of the ceramic logs.


Advantages of Rinnai Gas Fires


1. Rinnai gas fires are easy to operate

As beautiful as a traditional wood fireplace is, it requires a lot of effort to operate it. Purchasing or collecting wood requires a lot of time and money but with a gas log fire, all that is required is a flip of a switch on the thermostat or a remote control. This makes it ideal for busy households that don’t have the time to find wooden logs. On top of that, there is no need to worry about the flames spreading out like a wood-burning fireplace would.


2. Rinnai gas fires can connect to a smart home system

Many gas fire models from Rinnai come with Wi-Fi. This means that you are able to operate your fireplace remotely for a hassle-free experience. Plus, Wi-Fi connectivity enables integration with smart home systems, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit. This integration allows you to control your gas fire using voice commands or automate its operation as part of a larger smart home ecosystem.


3. Rinnai gas fires are energy efficient

When installed correctly, gas log fires can be energy efficient. Thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity, Rinnai gas fires can be programmed to be turned on or off at specific times. Besides that, it can quickly heat up the rooms in your house where you spend the most time. With a central heating system, you will be spending money to heat places where you will not be spending time. Furthermore, a gas fireplace can give greater warmth than a wood-burning fireplace since some gas versions include a fan that circulates warm air throughout the home. 


4. Rinnai gas fires are low maintenance

Unlike wood fireplaces, gas log fires require little maintenance to ensure it runs effectively and efficiently. Traditional wood fires often produce ash and debris when lit. After putting out the wood fire, you’d often need to clear this debris. Fortunately with a Rinnai gas fire, there’s no need to do so as there is no debris produced when it is running. 



Find the right Rinnai gas fire for your home

Designed with meticulous attention to detail and installation flexibility, Rinnai’s range of gas fires suits a wide range of applications. From retrofitting into existing fireplaces to easily fitting into new homes, Rinnai Gas Fires will create a stunning centrepiece and bring warmth into your home.


Discover the right Rinnai gas fire for your home. Contact us at Climat to learn more about the Rinnai range. At Climat, we offer sales and installations on gas log fireplaces for your Adelaide or Victorian homes. Every Rinnai gas log fireplace from Climat comes with a 10-year warranty on Climat installations as well as a 10-year pro-rata warranty on Rinnai. Trust Climat for great brands, expert advice and peace of mind. For full details, request a free quote here.