The Best Heating and Cooling Solutions for Your Melbourne Home

With all the heating and cooling options in the market today, choosing the best system for your Melbourne home could be confusing. There is no one heating and cooling system that meets all needs. Some systems are cheaper to buy and install. Others will save you more on their running costs.

Finding the best heating and cooling option for your Melbourne house will depend on numerous factors. Your budget, lifestyle, house size, and many other variables will affect your purchase decision. However, with the energy cost on the rise in Melbourne, energy efficiency is at the top of the list for most homeowners.

Each heating and cooling system comes with its benefits and costs. These are the most popular heating and cooling systems in Melbourne:


Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

 In Melbourne, you can experience the weather of the four seasons in just one day. That is why this air conditioning system is extremely popular amongst Melbourne homeowners.

Using a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner, you can easily switch between the heating and cooling modes. You will not need any other heating or cooling units. For example, a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner will efficiently heat or cool your entire Melbourne home.

These systems might cost you more upfront. However, installing, running, and maintaining just one heating and cooling system is much more cost-efficient.


Split Air Conditioning

Reverse cycle air conditioning systems do not just come in the ducted form. You can also get reverse cycle air conditioning for your Melbourne home in a split unit. This heating and cooling system is more suitable if you are looking for individual room air conditioning.


Ducted Gas Heating

If it is just efficient heating you are after, this system is all you need for your Melbourne home. It works centrally, like other ducted heating and cooling systems. However, ducted gas heating is more energy-efficient. This is because it relies on gas, which is cheaper and eco-friendlier than electricity.


Ducted Evaporative

This cooling system is ideal for dry weather days in Melbourne. It uses water evaporation to cool the air. With this cooling system, you can keep the windows of your Melbourne home open. Unlike other cooling methods, ducted evaporative air conditioners circulate fresh air.

They are also more cost- and energy-efficient. For example, a ducted evaporative cooling system uses less than half the energy required to run other air conditioners.

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