Should You Get a Gas Log Fireplace?

Should You Get a Gas Log Fireplace?

There’s nothing quite like having the fireplace burning on a cold winter’s night. Some may favour electric heaters, while others may prefer fireplaces. Whichever you prefer, there is no denying that staying warm and toasty is a must during the colder season. While there are a variety of fireplaces available on the market, gas log fireplaces are one of the more popular options. It is not hard to see why! 

Gas Log Fireplace vs Wood-Burning Fireplace

A gas log fireplace uses natural gas that is built into your fireplace to fuel the fire. These fireplaces have fake logs to give the effect of a real wood-burning fireplace. The great thing about gas fireplaces is that it can be turned on and off whenever you want!

On the other hand, wood-burning fireplaces utilise wood logs as fuel source to keep your home warm. When properly cared for, these fireplaces make adequate heaters, especially if your house is sufficiently insulated. While having a wood-burning fireplace is the epitome of a cosy home, this type of fireplace requires constant tending to ensure consistent heating throughout your home. 

Why You Should Consider a Gas Log Fireplace

1. Gas Fireplace Looks Realistic

The great thing about gas log fireplaces is that they can look just like a wood-burning fireplace. They can provide your home a much-needed ambiance. After all, cosying up by a stunningly-lit fireplace is a great way to unwind after a long day. 

2. Gas Log Fireplaces are Easy to Operate

Unlike wood-burning fireplaces which require a big effort to start, it only takes switching on a remote control or a thermostat to turn gas fireplaces on or off. This eliminates the need for chopping and storing wood. Not only that, with a gas fireplace, there’s no need to keep a constant eye on the fire, as it won’t spread as easily as a wood-burning fireplace would. 

3. Gas Log Fireplaces are Energy Efficient

Installing the right gas log fireplace can do wonders to your home due to its energy efficiency. It can easily heat up the places in the home where you spend the most time. With a central heating system, you’ll be spending money on heating up rooms you’re not spending time in. On top of that, a gas fireplace can provide more warmth than a wood-burning fireplace, as some gas options feature a blower that help circulate warm air around the home.

4. Gas Log Fireplaces are Environmentally Friendly

Did you know that a gas fireplace is more environmentally friendly than a wood-burning fireplace? Only 20 percent of heat from a wood-burning fireplace gets circulated around your home, while the remaining 80 percent goes up the chimney and out of the home. Plus, wood-burning fireplaces give off potentially harmful soot and fumes that can affect the air quality and your own health. 

5. Gas Log Fireplaces are Easy to Maintain

Gas fireplaces require less care and maintenance than traditional wood-burning ones. Once a gas fireplace is turned off, there’s no need to clear the ashes or debris like you would with a wood-burning one. With that being said, gas fireplaces should still be properly taken care of as improper maintenance can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Get a Gas Log Fireplace at Climat

Choosing the right fireplace for your home requires careful consideration. If you love convenience and style, a gas log fireplace may be exactly what you need. It provides warmth at a touch of a button. Not only that, it gives off the same cosy ambiance as a wood-burning fireplace but minus the hassle of operating and maintaining one. 

At Climat, we offer sales and installations on gas log fireplaces for your Adelaide or Victorian homes. Every Rinnai gas log fireplace from Climat comes with a 10-year warranty on Climat installations as well as a 10-year pro-rata warranty on Rinnai. Trust Climat for great brands, expert advice and peace of mind. For full details, request a free quote here.