How To Feed Solar Back Into the Grid in Adelaide

The constant increase in electricity rates in Adelaide has driven many homeowners to switch to solar energy. Not only will the right solar system decrease your electricity bills. In Adelaide, you can also feed the extra produced solar power back into the grid. In return, you will get paid for each kilowatt-hour (kWh) your solar system exports to the electricity grid.

Here is what you need to know about the process:

Feeding Solar Back Into the Grid

Your Adelaide solar system will produce a certain amount of energy. This solar power will be first used to cover your Adelaide household consumption. In some cases, the produced solar energy will exceed your needs. Instead of letting this extrasolar power go to waste, you can get paid for it.

The excess solar energy generated by your Adelaide system can be fed back into the grid. For each kilowatt-hour (kWh), you will receive a feed-in tariff. This comes in the form of credit on your Adelaide electricity bill.

Most solar systems sold in Adelaide will be connected to the electricity grid. To do that, your solar system will require a ‘grid feed’ inverter. It will first feed the solar energy to cover your Adelaide home needs. Then, any surplus electricity will be fed back into the grid. A suitably sized solar system should feed little power back into the grid.


Adelaide households who consume less than 160-megawatt hours (MWh) of electricity a year can be eligible for solar feed-in payments. However, your solar system needs to meet relevant Australian safety standards. Any accredited solar installer will comply with these requirements.

Your Adelaide solar system must also be connected to the electricity grid through an import/export meter. This will be installed by the SA Power Networks at your cost. The solar system should also have a maximum output of 10 kVA for homes with single-phase or 30 kVA for homes with three-phase electricity. If you are not sure about the output levels of your Adelaide solar system, you can ask your installers.

Feed-in Tariff

When your Adelaide solar system feeds back energy into the grid, you will not get paid in cash. Instead, you will receive a credit on your Adelaide electricity bill. This is called a feed-in tariff (FiT). The amount you receive in Adelaide varies depending on factors like the year you have installed your solar system. For example, the distributor feed-in tariff, also known as the solar feed-in scheme. It is only available for eligible solar systems that were connected to the grid before 30 September 2011.

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