A Guide to Ducted Gas Heating

It is getting colder outside. Therefore, you need to make sure your Adelaide home stays warm and cosy for your loved ones. With a ducted gas heating system, you will get the reliable, comfortable warmth you are looking for. That is why ducted gas heating is popular amongst Adelaide homeowners.


There is nothing worse than waking and getting up in the morning to a cold house. A ducted gas heating system will make your Adelaide winter mornings more enjoyable. In addition, you will not have to worry about driving your Adelaide power bills through the roof.


Here is what you should know about ducted gas heating:


What Is Ducted Gas Heating?

It is a central heating system that can provide warmth to your entire Adelaide home in no time. Unlike other systems, ducted gas heating does not rely directly on electricity. Instead, the name suggests it is powered mainly by natural gas, cheaper and more eco-friendly than electricity.

Like other ducted air conditioning systems, ducted gas heating is almost invisible. Only the air outlets can be seen inside your Adelaide home.


How Does Ducted Gas Heating Work?

Every ducted gas heating system has a central heating unit that is connected to a series of outlets. Cold air is drawn into theĀ  system. It is then heated by the central gas heating unit and pumped throughout the ducts.

The warmth spreads throughout the outlets positioned strategically in your Adelaide home.

The ducted gas heating system sucks the warm air back into a return grille to increase its efficiency. This air is reheated and pushed back throughout the ducts. Once your Adelaide home reaches the desired temperature, the central heating unit switches off automatically.


What Are the Benefits of Ducted Gas Heating?

You will not need any other heating units for your Adelaide home by choosing a ducted gas heating system. You will only pay for the installation, running costs, maintenance, and repairs of just one heating unit. This will save you a more considerable amount of money over time.

With a flexible zoning feature, you can choose a customised temperature for every room in your home. You can also switch off the gas heating in unused rooms.

Unlike other systems, ducted gas heating does not dry the eyes or skin. With no open fire or hot surfaces, it is also perfectly safe.

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Our expert consultants will collaborate with you to design the most efficient, cost-effective ducted gas heating system for your Adelaide home.

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