Why Reverse Cycle Air-Conditioning Is a Must-Have for New Homes 

Nowadays, no Adelaide home can survive without air conditioning. With so many air conditioning options on the market, choosing one for your new Adelaide home can be confusing.

However, you can never go wrong with reverse-cycle air conditioning. Here is why:


Convenience All Year Round


You will not need other cooling or heating devices with a reverse-cycle air conditioning system. 

This air conditioning unit will keep your home comfortable all year. We do all of this in an energy-efficient manner. That is the brilliance of reverse-cycle air conditioning.

You can use your reverse-cycle air conditioner to absorb the heat from the outdoor air and use it to warm your Adelaide home. Then, the air conditioning system uses this heat to warm the air inside your Adelaide house. 

You can turn your reverse-cycle air conditioning into cooling mode with just a flick of the switch. As the name suggests, reverse-cycle air conditioning works the other way around to cool your Adelaide house. 

It absorbs the heat indoors and transfers it outside, leaving your Adelaide home cooler. 


Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling


When talking about reverse-cycle air conditioning, you will always hear the word ‘efficiency’ repeatedly. Unlike other heating systems, reverse-cycle air conditioning does not use energy to create heat. 

Instead, your Adelaide reverse cycle air conditioning will draw the heat from outside. This technique is much more energy efficient, even if it is freezing outside.

The cooling mode of reverse-cycle air conditioning is also highly efficient. It absorbs the heat inside and sends it outside. That is how you will get your new Adelaide home to the perfect temperature without paying high energy bills. 


Money Savings


Installing a reverse-cycle air conditioning system in your new Adelaide home will not just save you on your monthly power bills. You will get an all-inclusive cooling and heating device with reverse-cycle air conditioning. 

Forget about portable heaters or bulky, noisy fans. Your reverse-cycle air conditioning will cover all your Adelaide home’s cooling and heating needs. 

It means paying the purchase and installation costs of just one air conditioning unit. Over time, you will also pay for the maintenance and repairs of one system. 

Climat is among Australia’s oldest providers of residential air conditioning solutions. With over 40 years in business, you can trust the advice of our Adelaide air conditioning experts.

To guarantee quality, we recommend only the most proven, reputable brand names in air conditioning. That is why we are South Australia’s most extensive dealer of Daikin air conditioning systems. 

We offer a 10-year warranty on our professional air conditioning installations to prove confidence in our workmanship. With us, you can always rest assured that you are investing in suitable air conditioning systems for your Adelaide home. 

Save money and add comfort to your new Adelaide home. Contact our air conditioning experts today!