What You Need to Know About Ducted Gas!

As the winters are getting colder every year, it is advisable to install a heating system in your Adelaide home. Ducted gas heating is highly efficient. It relies on gas. That is why it will save you a lot on your electricity bills.

No matter how cold it is outside, ducted gas heating will keep your Adelaide home warm. It can instantly heat up your entire house or multiple rooms, as you choose.


What Are the System Components?

This heating system works centrally. It uses a single heating unit to heat up your entire Adelaide house. A ducted gas heating system consists of the core central gas heating unit, a thermostat, grilles, vents, and insulated ducts. All these components work together to take the cold air outside, heat it up and push it into your Adelaide home through the ducts

A ducted gas heating system will not operate smoothly, without any of these components. The central gas heating unit will be usually located outside your Adelaide house. It can also be installed under the flooring if you have enough space there.


How Does It Work?

A fan draws the air outdoors into your ducted gas heating system – the gas heaters, then, heat it. This central heating unit is a component of a network of ducts that runs throughout your entire Adelaide house. These ducts end in outlets located on the floors or ceilings of the rooms in your home. The warmed air is forced through these duct outlets, heating up the rooms.

Heavily insulated ducts make the ducted gas heating system more efficient. It reduces the heat loss of the warm air passing through the vents. Then, a return air grille collects the warm air inside your Adelaide house, and recirculates the air back into the ducted gas heating system. The unit reheats the warm air before pushing it back into your Adelaide house.


Benefits of Gas Ducted Heating

Unlike other heating systems, natural gas, not electricity, powers ducted gas heating. With the electricity costs constant increase, a ducted gas heating system will save you a lot of money over time. Using natural gas instead of electricity will also reduce the carbon footprint of your Adelaide household.

Although ducted gas heating is central, it does not mean you have to heat your entire house. The zoning feature of ducted gas heating allows you to choose which zones or rooms you want to heat in the home. You can set different temperatures for each room and even shut down the heat on empty zones.

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