Transforming Your Renovated Home With Reverse Cycle Air-Conditioning 

Air conditioners are necessary for every Adelaide home, regardless of where you live. Over the years, air conditioners have come a long way. Still, reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners are considered the best choice. 

With reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners, you can rest assured that your Adelaide house will enjoy desirable temperatures. 

You will not need any other cooling or heating devices. Reverse cycle ducted air conditioners will cover your Adelaide home all year round. 

Here is why reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners are always a smart choice for Adelaide homeowners:


Full Heating and Cooling Solution


It does not matter how ample the space of your Adelaide home is. Reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners can heat and cool every room efficiently, unlike split air conditioners that only work in isolated areas. 

With reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners, you will install one system for your entire Adelaide home. There will be less work, savings, and inconvenience as a result. There will be a single component for you to manage. 


Zoning Feature


Installing one reverse-cycle ducted air conditioner does not mean your entire family should start fighting over temperatures. Modern reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners come with zoning features. 

They allow you to control your Adelaide air conditioning temperature in every zone or room. You can also choose to turn off the air conditioner in unused zones. 




All reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners have an indoor unit and an outdoor one. Reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners are mainly hidden in the indoor unit of the roof space. 

Only the controller, the return air grill, and the discharge vents will be visible inside your Adelaide home. That is why reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners blend seamlessly with the rest of the décor. 

On the other hand, split air conditioners intrude on the room’s design. The indoor unit will visibly hang on the wall, disrupting the décor and living space. 

High-quality reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners also work almost silently. So, you will not see or hear these air conditioners in your Adelaide house. You will just feel their magic. 




The purchase price of reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners might be high. However, the other option would be buying and installing multiple split air conditioners for every room in your Adelaide home. 

These air conditioners will be more expensive than reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners. Operating, maintaining, and repairing only one air conditioning system is much more cost-efficient. 

At Climat, we carry a selection of high-quality reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners. Our team of experts can install reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners in new Adelaide homes. 

They can also tailor the reverse cycle ducted air conditioner system to suit your existing Adelaide house. With us, you will enjoy up to 5 years of product warranty and a 10-year Climat Installation Warranty.

Take your Adelaide home’s air conditioning to the next level. Contact us today!