Split System Air Conditioners: The Ultimate Cooling Solution for Your Home

Are you searching for effective, energy-efficient air conditioners to cool your home in the summer? You do not need to look any further at split-system air conditioners. Split system air conditioners offer the ultimate cooling solutions for homes. That is why split air conditioners are considered one of the most popular cooling systems. 

Split systems get their name from the air conditioning system, which contains two main parts: indoors and outdoors. If your home requires more, you can expand the system with multiple indoor units (multi-head) connected to the same outdoor unit. 

Here are some of the reasons why split system air conditioners offer the best cooling solution for homes:


Individual Control


Every indoor unit in a split system is individually controlled. So, even if you install multi-head split air conditioners, the temperature in every room can be separately regulated. It will end the family fights over the cooling levels in each room. 

You will not need other cooling or heating systems for reverse-cycle split air conditioners. Reverse-cycle air conditioners offer both cooling and heating. So your family can enjoy convenient room temperatures all year round. 


Energy Efficiency


Today, modern split-system air conditioners come with innovative inverter technology. It allows the system to reach the desired temperature quickly. Once achieved, the air conditioner system will effectively and efficiently maintain the temperature. 

With modern split system air conditioners, you will not need to worry about temperature fluctuations. Inverter technology enables these air conditioners to work efficiently without colossal power consumption. 


Sleek Designs


Unlike ducted air conditioners, split systems will be visible inside your home. However, nowadays, split air conditioners come with a variety of sleek designs to choose from. 

Split-system air conditioners are also suitable for installation in various spaces. You can place the indoor unit under the ceiling or low on the wall. This way, you can ensure the split system indoor unit will not disrupt your interior design.


Easy to Install


Unlike other air conditioners, split systems are easy to install. Your professional air conditioner experts can help you find the perfect place for the indoor and outdoor units. Installation of split system air conditioners does not require much labour. So, you will not need to worry about significant mess or installation costs. 

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Our experts can work with you to find, design, and install your home’s most efficient and effective system. We choose only leading air conditioner brands to guarantee the quality of split systems. Our single-split and multi-split air conditioner systems have up to 5 5-year product warranties.

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