Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Is a No Brainer… Here’s Why! 

In a climate as demanding as ours, most Adelaide homes will not just install an air conditioning system. They will also need a heating unit to keep them warm on those winter nights. You can forget the hassle of heating and cooling systems with reverse cycle air conditioning. Reverse cycle air conditioning offers a heater and a cooler in one system. 

Here is why reverse cycle systems are becoming the most popular air conditioning choice for most homeowners:


Comfortable Home All Year Round


If you get a regular air conditioning unit, it will remain untouched all winter. Your household will switch to using a heater instead. Reverse cycle air conditioning offers you both functions in one system. In the cooling mode, reverse cycle air conditioning absorbs the heat indoors and transfers it outside. To heat the space, reverse cycle air conditioning works the other way around. It takes heat from outside and pumps it to warm your home. So, you remain comfortable all year.


Great Savings on Your Power Bills


Unlike other air conditioning systems, the reverse cycle does not create heat. Instead, it transfers the heat from one place to another. This process works a lot more efficiently. That is why reverse cycle air conditioning is considered one of the most energy-efficient systems today. 

The zoning feature takes the efficiency of reverse cycle air conditioning to another level. With reverse cycle air conditioning, you can separate your home into zones. The air conditioning temperature in each zone can be controlled separately. You can also switch off the air conditioning in specific zones. So, your reverse cycle air conditioning will not waste any power to heat or cool unused spaces.


Wide Range of Airconditioning Options


To suit all household needs, reverse cycle air conditioning comes in various types, shapes, and sizes. So, you can choose the most practical air conditioning system for your home and lifestyle. Split reverse cycle air conditioning systems are perfect for heating or cooling a single room. If you want to experience the ultimate in central air conditioning, use ducted reverse cycle systems. These will efficiently heat and cool your entire house.


One System Less Expenses


Initially, you might buy quality reverse cycle air conditioning systems at a higher price. However, over time, these systems will save you a lot of money. You must pay for just one air conditioning system’s installation, maintenance, and repairs. That is why reverse cycle air conditioning systems are considered an excellent investment.

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Enjoy a comfortable home temperature all year round. Contact our reverse cycle air conditioning experts today!