Variable Refrigerant System

The Ultimate System For Flexibility, Efficiency & Energy Savings

Variable refrigerant systems are the ultimate for energy efficiency. They provide individual area temperature control with flexibility to chose which areas are cooled or heated, and which are not.

Daikin variable refrigerant System

Variable refrigerant systems are the ultimate for energy efficiency. They provide individual area temperature control with flexibility to chose which areas are cooled or heated, and which are not.

Variable refrigerant zoning is an energy-efficient method of providing precise comfort control to indoor environments. It offers a wide variety of applications; from spot cooling or heating a single room in the home through to a large buildings with multiple floors and areas.

The Variable Refrigerant System moves refrigerant to the zone to be heated or cooled, allowing the temperature to be more precisely controlled. It can simultaneously cool some zones while heating other areas; (zones are single or multiple room spaces that operate independently from other rooms.)

Each individual area can be set to its own temperature and each area can be individually switched on and off as you need; up to the maximum number of rooms the system is designed for.

The initial cost outlay for these systems is a premium, yet this premium system can provide very significant long term savings in energy and substantial savings for the family budget. Up to almost twice the energy efficiency of normal home air conditioning, it’s no surprise these systems are rapidly gaining popularity with environmentally conscious families.


Benefits of a Variable Refrigerant System

  • Energy EfficiencyEnergy modeling software has been used to compare INVERTER-driven Variable Driven Systems with other types of air conditioning systems. The outcome? Variable Refrigerant systems were consistently 25% or more efficient than traditional systems.
  • Zoned Comfort. Zones or rooms can be designed to exact needs.
  • Quiet Operation. The compressor and evaporator components are housed in separate units to provide the quietest possible operation for both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • System Simplicity. The system allows for design flexibility, from the simplest to the most complex. It provides for ducted or ductless systems, including virtually any application (or a variety of applications) within a single building. Your design can connect 1 to 50 indoor units to a single outdoor unit.
  • Aesthetics. Gain more usable space to achieve your architectural vision. Designed to minimize visual and auditory impact on the environment, variable refrigerant system components are compact and lightweight. They can be installed in smaller spaces both indoors and out. And, the indoor units are available in a variety of styles to blend with your interior design.
  • Lower Lifecycle Costs. Depending on the design and needs of a building, the variable refrigerant can have fewer components than other systems, reducing initial equipment costs. Installation costs are also smaller as fewer components mean less time spent on installation.

At Climat, we supply only leading brands in variable refrigerant systems including the popular, reliable and energy efficient Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric systems.

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Daikin Variable Refrigerated IV


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