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Today, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of solar choices available. From cheap overseas imports, to premium quality brands, to locally made, to grid feed-in systems, to off-grid systems and solar storage systems… solar panels, inverters, microinverters, batteries…2kW, 3kW, 4kW, 5kW, 6kW, 7kW, 10kW, 15kW, 20+kW systems. Choosing the right solar power system and right mix of components and the right size for your needs can be complex. But, when you get it right your system can save you thousands every year and can provide you with an ongoing ROI (Return On Investment) that can be greater and more stable than most Blue-Chip share dividend or bank investments available.

Through years of research and product testing, Climat provides you with expert advice and a range of trusted solar brands and packages that are affordable, built to last and will maximise your investment today and into the future.


The R.O.I. From Buying A Solar System

The average consumption of family households consumes between 20 and 30 KW/h of electricity per day.

LG Solar Household Electricity Consumption Chart 2017

LG Solar Household Electricity Consumption Chart; 2017

A standard 3-4 kilowatt solar PV system in many areas of Australia can provide approximately one third to half the electricity needs for a family of five. With small feed-in tariffs on offer, the primary objective is to use solar power to power your home during the day to save from using expensive electricity.

Today, the arrival of affordable solar battery systems is a game changer for everyone.  Your capacity to store power in a battery offers you the opportunity to use free solar power during the day and store excess solar power in batteries for free consumption at night. All of a sudden, the cost of powering your home plummets and you are no longer susceptible to power bill price hikes

Based on the current cost of power, the pay back period on a quality battery storage system is estimated at 5-6 years … and with battery life’s of around 12 to 15 years …

An average 5-person home using 24.5 kWh/day will save on grid connect electricity and produce a dividend of around $3200* per year for 7 to 9 years before needing to upgrade the battery.

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*Based on a solar battery system matched to 5-person household consumption as presented in the above table at current average electricity rates in SA as at 1/7/17 of $0.3923/kwH x 24.5kW/day usage x 365 days. Please note; these calculations do not consider the potential for future price increases and are based on peak rates. In SA, the electricity usage increase as at 1/7/17 was between 11.4% and 14.1%.


Trust Climat To Help Save You From Rising Electricity Rates.

Electricity Poles

With today’s ever-increasing electricity prices, going solar is one of the best investments a homeowner can make. Using the sun to provide reliable and free electricity means you:

  • reduce using expensive grid connect electricity,
  • lower your power costs,
  • minimise the impact of future power hikes, and
  • feel good about being green.



What Makes A Good Quality Solar System

A good quality solar power system requires many considerations to ensure you are satisfied for guaranteed life of your system:

  1. The Manufacturer – to ensure your warranty will still be available in 25 years, all components should be purchased from reputable manufacturers. Climat only recommends trusted and reputable brands.
  2. The Retailer – how many years has the retailer been in business? How many brands and types of Solar power system has the retailer on offer? Is their advice reputable? For nearly 30 years Climat has aligned itself with quality brands that stand the test of time. Have trust in Climat to provide you the right advice, service and support.
  3. Solar Panels – Which panel is a critical and complex decision. Ensure the panels are certified and meet Australian and International Standards. Consider how the module is manufactured and the materials used. Carefully research how each panel performs in real world situations – including positive tolerance, temperature co-efficient rating, PID and LID resistance and efficiency. Compare the warranty details of the solar panels. Buy from brands and a retailer you can trust.
  4. Inverters – The inverter is the workhorse of your power plant.  A poor inverter can cripple the optimisation of your energy system and profoundly affect the return on investment of your system. Climat only recommends proven manufacturers and uses quality inverters with all our systems.
  5. Solar Battery StorageBattery storage is no longer the future of solar; it’s the now. Whether you are looking to retro fit to your current system or start with a fully optimised storage system, battery storage is now affordable and a game changer for everyone. Solar battery systems mean you can use Free solar energy to power your home during the day whilst storing excess daytime solar for use at night. The critical ingredient to maximising your ROI is to accurately match your electricity consumption to your solar power system and start counting your savings instead of counting on ever increasing electricity rates. Ask a Climat consultant to show you how to live free of expensive electricity.
  6. Framing systems – Is generally the least thought about component by homeowners, but quality frames save your panels from cracking, splitting, moving and causing damage to internal panel wiring and electronics. Not to mention the danger of a panel dislodging in high winds.
  7. Good system design – The whole system needs to be custom designed for the size, location and equipment used in the location. E.g. the number of panels in a series, the distance from panels to the inverter and switchboard can all influence the way the solar power system performs. 2kW, 3kW, 4kW, 5kW, 6kW, 7kW, 10kW, 15kW, 20+kW … which size is right for you? Trust Climat to provide expert advice that will maximise your return on investment year after year.
  8. Warranties – Warranties are only as good as the companies that back them. And with warranties up to 25 years, make sure you choose manufacturers, brands and retailers you can trust will be around to help when the warranty is needed.
  9. Quality of Installation – What is the point of buying a high performance solar power system and have it installed poorly…or finding one of your roof tiles are broken in the next rain shower. At Climat, all our technicians are experienced and fully qualified. With 30 years behind us, our reputation makes our installation team the best in business.


25 Year Linear Output Warranty & Up To 12 Year Panel Warranty

Every Climat PV solar panel comes with an impressive warranty; a 25-year linear output warranty and up to 12 year product warranty for your peace of mind, (refer to our individual brand pages for specific warranty details). To find out more or for a free quote, click here.


Up To 10 Year Inverter Warranty

Every Inverter purchased through Climat comes with a generous 5 or 10 year warranty, (refer to our individual brand pages for specific warranty details). Trust Climat for the best brands and expert advice on quality power systems. For full details request a free quote here.


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