Looking for a Home System That Will Benefit You in Summer and Winter?

With the recent drastic changes in weather, every home needs a reliable heating and cooling system nowadays. It will help you cope with all types of weather throughout the year. Your Adelaide home will also be more comfortable to live in, without worrying about getting too hot or too cold.

At Climat, we are proud to be one of the longest established suppliers of home heating and cooling systems in Australia. Our over forty years of experience enable us to recommend the heating and cooling system that will be most suitable for your Adelaide house.

We carry a selection of Australian leading brands of heating and cooling systems. Did you know that we are one of the biggest Daikin dealers in Australia? Each system suits different needs and lifestyles. Here are more details about our heating and cooling systems:

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

They are also known as central air conditioners. These heating and cooling systems provide discreet, almost silent air conditioning to your entire Adelaide house. They can be installed in a new home. We can also tailor them for existing houses.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioners come in two types: split console and split ducted systems. The split-ducted systems can provide heating and cooling for more than one area at a time. That is why, these systems are more suitable if you need to air condition multiple spaces or your entire Adelaide house. On the other hand, if all you need is heating and cooling just one or a few rooms, then split console systems are a more suitable option.

Split System & Multi-Head Air Conditioning

If ducted heating and cooling systems are not the best for your needs, then you should go for a split system. This heating and cooling option is suitable for wide range applications. You can choose between compact wall-mounted and under ceiling units or ceiling cassettes. We also have floor and low wall-mounted consoles.

To air condition multiple rooms it is recommended to go for a multi-head heating and cooling system. It will give you great flexibility in choosing the best indoor unit for each room in your Adelaide home. The system will also be quieter as all indoor units will be connected to just one outdoor unit. You can connect up to eight inside units to one compressor located outside.

At Climat, our professional consultants have the required experience and training to recommend the most suitable heating and cooling system for your Adelaide home. To suit all budgets, we provide up to sixty months payment plans. We also offer you some of the best warranties in the heating and cooling systems market today.

You can come to one of our conveniently located showrooms to see the heating and cooling systems in action. Our consultants can also visit your Adelaide house to present these systems to you.

Get a trustworthy heating and cooling system that will make the cold winters and hot summers more enjoyable at your Adelaide home. Contact us now!