Is My Adelaide Home’s Roof Strong Enough for a Solar System?

Getting a solar system can be an excellent investment in your Adelaide home. However, it is critical to choose a solar system the will not be too heavy for your roof. Otherwise, you will be risking both the solar system and the integrity and safety of your entire Adelaide house.

Your Adelaide roof is the primary source of support to the solar panels. Therefore, before choosing a solar system, you have to calculate first if its weight is suitable for the capacity of your roof.


Why Is This Calculation Essential?

Usually, the average weight of a solar system is suitable for the average roof capacity. However, you still have to do specific calculations for your Adelaide house and chosen solar system. If your roof could not bear the weight of the solar panels, it will be a colossal waste of money for you. You will be stuck with a solar system that you cannot install on your Adelaide roof. Taking the risk of installing solar panels that are too heavy for your Adelaide house can cause the roof to collapse.


What Factors Can Affect the Weight Capacity of Your Roof?

Determining the load limit of your Adelaide roof is not that easy. It is a complex process, as many factors and variables can affect how much weight a roof can carry. The quality, design, and material of your Adelaide roof play an essential role. However, you need to take other aspects also into consideration.

If your Adelaide roof has suffered from any damages or leaks, this will negatively affect the weight capacity of the roof. You will have to fix all of these roofing problems before installing a solar system.

Keep in mind that an excellent solar system should last for decades. If your Adelaide roof has just a few years left in its lifespan, this could be a problem. First, an old roof might not be able to carry a solar system. Secondly, in a few years, your old roof will have to be replaced. Therefore, it will be more useful to get a new roof before installing the solar system.


How Heavy Is a Solar Panel?

To have an idea of how much weight your Adelaide roof has to carry, you need to know how heavy the solar system will be. The weight of a solar panel depends on its manufacturer and the materials it was made of. On average, solar panels weight can range from about 15 kilograms to 22.5 kilograms.

If your Adelaide roof is not able to carry a solar system, do not worry. You can get a ground-mounted solar system instead. To save you all of this hassle, contact a professional solar company. At Climat, we have the required experience to provide you with expert advice on solar systems. We are also an accredited solar photovoltaic retailer – just another reason to trust Climat.

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