Is Gas Heating Right for My Adelaide Home?

During winter, your heating system can increase your electricity bill drastically. Switching to ducted gas heating can help you warm your entire Adelaide home, without paying thousands of dollars in power bills.

Ducted gas heating comes with many other benefits for your Adelaide home:

Central Heating

You will not have to get a heater for every room of your Adelaide house. Ducted gas heating can warm your entire house. You can install it in both new and existing buildings. It can also be tailored to suit your Adelaide home needs.


Gas heating has always been considered one of the most cost-effective ways to warm homes. Over the years, ducted gas heating systems have become even more efficient. Their running costs have significantly decreased.

With a built-in sensor, ducted gas heating systems can now detect the indoor temperature of your Adelaide home. Once the desired level of heating is reached, the sensor signals the heater to turn off. That is how your ducted gas heating maintains the required temperature, without compromising on efficiency.

Higher Convenience

With a ducted gas heating system, you will not have to worry about having cold spots in your Adelaide home. The heated air is pushed evenly through the ducts, reaching your entire Adelaide house. This ensures even distribution of warmth.

Electrical heating systems can dry your eyes over time. Ducted gas heating, on the other hand, is more natural and less drying. It will not also produce as many harmful emissions as other heating systems.



Although ducted gas heating is central, it can be controlled on an individual level. You can set various temperatures for separate rooms in your Adelaide house. You also  have the choice to switch off the heating in empty rooms. This way, you will not waste power and energy to heat unused spaces in your Adelaide home.

The zoning feature will make your ducted gas heating system work more efficiently. It will also give you more flexibility. Every member of the family can choose the heating level they are most comfortable with. No one will have to sacrifice anymore.


The grills are the only parts of a ducted gas heating system that are visible in your Adelaide house. All of the other parts are either hidden. That is why, by installing a ducted gas heating system, you will not have to compromise on looks.

A ducted gas heating system is also compact. It will not consume much space in your Adelaide house. Most of the parts are installed either in the ceiling or under the floor.

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