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Choosing the right air conditioning system for your New Home is made easy with the outline of products below. No matter what system you are looking for, Climat’s Home Builder’s Division will work with you and your Builder to ensure the most efficient and cost effective system is chosen for your New Home.


Split System

A split system is the perfect solution for those wanting to air condition one or two rooms or an area within the home. A split system consists of an indoor unit which is usually wall mounted connected to an outdoor unit by small copper pipes and wiring.


A Multi Split system can air condition many rooms using only one outdoor unit. Multi Split systems are ideal where space is limited for outdoor units or insufficient ceiling or floor space for ducting. It also allows for individual temperature control in each room. Variable refrigeration units are the ultimate in comfort and economy of operation and can include many smaller ducted & other wall mounted systems all with the one outdoor unit.

Variable Refrigeration System

Variable refrigeration units cost more to install and are the ultimate in comfort and economy of operation. They can include many smaller ducted and other wall mounted systems all with the one outdoor unit. Variable refrigeration units combine the most advanced refrigeration control with individual temperature control and the best air handling unit choice for each situation to provide the best economy along with the highest levels of comfort.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems

A Ducted reverse cycle system will provide air conditioned comfort all year around, all around the house. With a ducted reverse cycle system the outdoor unit is connected to an indoor fan coil unit which is usually located in the ceiling or under the floor with flexible ductwork distributing warm or cool air through vents located in each room of the house.

Ducted Evaporative Cooling

A Ducted Evaporative Cooling System comprises the central calling unit connected to a series of outlets throughout the home. The cooling unit draws air through moistened pads which cools the air and filters it. The cool clean air flows through the duct work and into the rooms just like a call refreshing sea breeze. This type of air conditioning works really well for young families because it works really well regardless of which doors inside the home are open and is even used with some external doors and windows open as well.

Ducted Gas Heating

A Ducted Gas Heating System provides what many claim is the best heating available and can be designed to cover the whole of the house wall only just part of it. It’s an especially great solution if only heat is needed. Ducted gas heating can be teamed up with a ducted evaporative cooling system to provide year round comfort in those houses where evaporative cooling has already been installed as it uses different outlets which are much smaller and installed on the other side of the room from the cooling vents.

What to look for when buying an air conditioner

There are many variables to consider so at Climat your Design Consultant will guide you towards a great decision.

1) Noise Level consideration – It’s very important to consider the noise level of an air conditioner whether it’s inside or outside; this is important so your Climat Design Consultant will help you understand what’s best and why.

2) Energy Efficiency – Climat have a great stable of the most respected high efficiency air conditioners to choose from. This means you can be confident your Climat Design Consultant will recommend one of the most energy efficient units.

3) Professional Installation – When buying an air conditioner expert advice and professional installation are critical. Your Climat Design Consultant will especially recommend a professional installer for your installation and make sure it gets done right.

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