Here’s Why You Should Choose Reverse Cycle Ducted Air Conditioning!

Nowadays, there are a wide variety of air conditioners on the market. Choosing the best type for your home and lifestyle can be confusing. However, if you want to keep your entire home comfortable year-round, there is only one choice: reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners. 

Unlike other options, reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners can do both cooling and heating. They also work more efficiently than other heating and cooling options. That is why reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners are becoming extremely popular among homeowners. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners:


Comfort All Year Round


With reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners, you will get everything you need in just one system. Reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners can cool and heat your entire Adelaide house. With a simple click, you can effortlessly toggle between the heating and cooling modes.

The zoning feature in reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners allows you to control each room or area separately. You can set different temperatures for each zone and switch off the air conditioning in unused rooms.


Energy Efficient Air Conditioners


Compared to other air conditioners, reverse cycle technology works more efficiently. These air conditioners do not create heat. They take the heat from the outdoor air and transfer it inside. In cooling mode, reverse-cycle air conditioners work the other way around. They transfer the hot air from inside your home to the outside. 

One of the most energy-efficient functions in ducted air conditioners is the zoning feature. It allows you to turn off the air conditioning in empty zones, so you won’t waste energy heating or cooling unused spaces.


Everything You Need in One System


The initial cost of buying and installing reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners might be high. However, over time, these air conditioners will save you a lot of money. The high energy efficiency of reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners will lower your energy bills. With reverse cycle ducted air conditioners, you will not also need to buy any other cooling or heating devices.


Discreet Air Conditioning


One of the best aspects of reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners is that you will just feel them. These air conditioners work quietly, making no annoying noises. Once installed, only the controller, the grills, and the vents are visible. That is how reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners are barely noticeable. 

At Climat, we are one of Australia’s longest-established suppliers of air conditioners. We work only with the most trusted brand names in the market. Our experts will work with you to design the most efficient reverse-cycle ducted air conditioner system for your home. We can install reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners in both new and existing homes. 

Keep your home comfortable all year round. Get a free quote on our reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners today!