Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints


Here we will add helpful hints on how to get the best from an existing air conditioning or solar system or things to consider when shopping for a new one!


1. Did you know that many reverse cycle systems are NOT guaranteed to even run (at all) once the outside temperatures soar into the 40s? Make sure your new system will not leave you working up a sweat just when you need it most!

2. A Climat Design Consultant can design and price your new system using the latest computer technology and then guarantee it to perform – in writing.

3. No matter the system, there will be things you need to provide to accommodate the installation. This may be simply to provide drainage from the air conditioner or to provide sufficient room/structural support for the equipment. There will be a requirement for an adequate electricity and or gas supply. The correct unit location so noise levels do not exceed levels likely to upset your neighbour is also important. What about council approvals or approval to install from utility companies?

4. Ducted Gas Central Heating systems are extremely powerful and although they can be “zoned down” a reasonable amount of air must be allowed to pass through them to ensure correct and efficient operation. Gas ducted heaters are generally good for heating the whole or most of the home at the one time.

5. Running Evaporative coolers on humid & cool days -needs a different approach!
On cooler or higher humidity days evaporative coolers work best with the pump switch off, that’s right without cooling. In fact running the pump of any evaporative system under these conditions could cause damage due to water carryover so leave the pump/cooling switch turned off on these days.

On humid days the fan should also be run on high for the best result. If any moisture build up is observed inside the home it means there’s not enough air flow, so ensure the outlets are directed across the ceiling rather than down towards the floor, the fan is on high & also that enough windows and/or doors open.

6. Comprehensive & flexible zoning can be incorporated into any ducted system -it does not follow that the system can be run with most of the areas closed off!

7. If a reverse cycle ducted or split system stops the first thing to look at the control and see if there is a display showing that there is electricity connected to the system. If not, check that the power isolator at the outdoor unit is turned on and that the circuit breaker/fuse at the swith board is also on/not blown. If all these things appear fine then check the filter is clean. Try “rebooting” the system by turning off the isolator switch at the outdoor unit and waiting for 5 minutes before turning it back on. The machine may take another 5 minutes before you will know if this worked.

If none of this works you probably need professional help – why not try our service people on the contact page.

8. Are you building a new home? Don’t forget to at least consider getting a concrete slab poured, with slight fall away from the building, to sit the outdoor unit on so talk with us early to find out the best size for this, It’s a good idea to think about co-ordinating the installation process so that things go smoothly. For starters, it’s important to ensure the structural workers are working to a design that ensures clearance and support for all the equipment. The major parts, except the outdoor unit and outlets, will ideally be installed before any plasterboard linings are installed as better access will often mean installation options are less limited ensuring the best result possible. Once the painting is done, but before the tiles and floor coverings go in, it’s a great time to install the outlets. Many customers prefer the security of having their outdoor unit stored safely in the warehouse right up to the time it’s needed close to “moving in day”.

9. No matter the type of system you choose, regular checks and preventative maintenance will help get a better result, ensure greater economy and best reliability.

10. During a very cold morning or evening a reverse cycle ducted or split system might well go into defrost mode. There could be a lot of steam (looking for all the world like smoke) issuing from the outdoor unit and the outdoor unit might still seem like it is running but there probably won’t be any air coming from the indoor unit. If there is air coming from the indoor unit it will likely be icy cold. Do not turn off the system when it is defrosting! Defrosting is a normal operation for a cold condition so don’t worry.

11. There is a lot to consider when contemplating the purchase of a piece of equipment you might be using for the next 5 or even conceivably for 10-20 or so years. What about if it breaks down all the time (just when you really need it) or it uses 40% more power than it needs to. It’s not like a car where if you don’t like it you will be able to change it over in a couple of years with little or no loss. Climat Air Control takes pride in offering great solutions that really suit, then helping to implement them correctly. We want a great result and a happy customer.

12. Climat strive to offer a selection of reliable energy efficient brands and good advice about how to keep comfortable both before and after you buy. Why not talk with us before it’s too late?