Find the Right Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner for Your Space 

Living in a comfortable environment year-round is a must for every home. That is why you need cooling and heating systems to always stay at a convenient temperature. With reverse cycle ducted air conditioners, you will not need anything else to keep your home comfortable. 

Unlike other air conditioners, the reverse cycle can cool and heat. These air conditioners also do the job more efficiently. Reverse-cycle air conditioners come in two types: split and ducted systems. The right ducted reverse cycle air conditioners will offer the ultimate weather-defying comfort for your house. You just need to choose the most suitable ducted reverse cycle air conditioners for your home. Here is how:


Choose Suitable Capacity for Space Size


Every home has unique air conditioning requirements. Room size is one of the first aspects to consider in ducted reverse cycle air conditioners. Getting ducted reverse cycle air conditioners that are too small for your needs can be a nightmare. The ducted air conditioner cannot cool or heat the room properly. 

On the other hand, ducted reverse cycle air conditioners that are too large for the space will not work efficiently. These oversized air conditioners use a lot of power to cool or heat a small room. As a result, there will be large swings in the room temperature. That is why choosing the perfect-sized ducted air conditioners is essential.


Decide Which Rooms You Want to Cool and Heat 


The zoning feature is one of the best aspects of ducted reverse cycle air conditioners. With this feature, your home can be easily divided into different zones. You can set a separate air conditioning temperature for every zone. 

To maximise efficiency, you can turn off the ducted air conditioning in specific zones. So, before choosing between ducted reverse cycle air conditioners, you need to check your space. Decide which areas or rooms to turn into separate zones with ducted air conditioners.


Hire Experienced Air Conditioner Installers 


The overall design of ducted reverse cycle air conditioners will also play a critical role in their performance. You need to know where to install the ducts and reverse cycle system parts. Without knowledge and experience, this can feel overwhelming. That is why you need the help of professional air conditioner installers.

At Climat, we are one of Australia’s longest-established suppliers of home air conditioners. With over 40 years of experience, we can help you choose the right air conditioner for your home. You can also rely on us to find the best-ducted reverse cycle air conditioner components on the market. Our consultants will work with you to design your home’s most efficient ducted reverse cycle system. So, you can rest assured that your ducted reverse cycle air conditioner will work efficiently for years.

Get the most suitable ducted reverse cycle system for your home. Contact our air conditioner experts now!