Choosing the Right Reverse Cycle Air-Conditioning System for Your Home 

With so many air conditioning options today, choosing the best system for your Adelaide home can be confusing. However, most Adelaide homeowners prefer reverse-cycle air conditioning. Worldwide, these air conditioning systems are considered the best. 

Here is a quick guide to help you choose the proper air conditioning for your Adelaide home:


Why Are Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Systems the Best?


Unlike other air conditioning types, reverse cycle systems are not just suitable for cooling your Adelaide home. These air conditioning systems can do both heating and cooling. They can keep your Adelaide home in convenient temperatures all year round. 

Reverse-cycle air conditioning also works more efficiently than other systems. This air conditioning system absorbs heat from the outside air to heat your Adelaide home. Then, it transfers the warm air into your Adelaide home. 

In cooling mode, the air conditioning system works the other way. It absorbs the heat in your Adelaide house and expels it outside. In general, reverse cycle air conditioning comes in split and ducted systems. 


What Are the Pros and Cons of Split Air Conditioning?


These air conditioning systems are a good choice for just one area or room in your Adelaide home. Usually, split air conditioning systems consist of two units. One exterior and one unit are installed indoors, traditionally mounted on the wall. 

In general, split air conditioning systems are cheaper to buy and install than ducted ones. However, split air conditioning works best in single rooms. Ducted air conditioning will be more suitable for cooling and heating your Adelaide home. Some Adelaide homeowners also do not like the look of wall-mounted air conditioning units.


What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Ducted Air Conditioning?


Unlike split systems, ducted air conditioning is almost invisible. The indoor unit is usually hidden away in a ceiling cavity in your Adelaide home. Only the air vents in the rooms will be visible. That is how ducted air conditioning offers a cleaner look inside your Adelaide house. 

Ducted air conditioning systems are the most energy-efficient option for heating and cooling your Adelaide home. You will have only one system with air vents distributed strategically throughout the house. Over time, it is much cheaper to operate, maintain, and repair just one air conditioning system. 

To maximise efficiency, ducted air conditioning comes with a zoning feature. It allows you to control the air conditioning temperature in each room or zone in your Adelaide house. You can also switch off the air conditioning in empty rooms. 

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Enjoy a comfortable Adelaide home all year round. Contact our air conditioning experts today!