Choosing the Right Reverse Air-Conditioning System for Your Home

Living in comfortable temperatures all year is a blessing. You need the right reverse-cycle air-conditioning system to achieve this. No specific criteria make a reverse cycle air-conditioning unit great for all homes. Every household is unique and has particular needs.

To help you find the best reverse-cycle air-conditioning system for your home, here are some tips:


Reverse-cycle air-conditioners can be divided into two categories. First, there is split reverse cycle air-conditioning. This system consists of one outdoor unit and one indoor unit. A split reverse cycle air-conditioning system is excellent for heating and cooling a specific room or area in your home. However, if you need air-conditioning for more rooms, you must install more indoor units.

The other type of reverse cycle air-conditioning is ducted systems. Also known as central air-conditioning, ducted systems are more suitable for heating and cooling entire homes. Unlike split systems, ducted reverse-cycle air-conditioning is more discreet. The indoor unit is usually located on the roof, out of sight. Only the vents will be visible. A ducted reverse-cycle air-conditioning system might be more expensive to buy. However, these air-conditioning systems are much more efficient to run in the long run.


When it comes to air-conditioning units, bigger is not always better. A reverse-cycle air-conditioning system that is too powerful for your home is not a better option. For a start, it will cost more to buy and install. Being more powerful than required will also cause large swings in the air-conditioning temperature.

On the other hand, a reverse cycle air-conditioning that is too small will not be able to heat or cool the room adequately. As a result, it will have to run at maximum capacity constantly. These will not just drive your power bills through the roof. It will also wear and tear the air conditioning system.

Energy Efficiency

In general, reverse-cycle air-conditioning is one of the most efficient systems. Still, every reverse cycle air-conditioning system comes with an energy rating label. It is represented in stars. So, the more stars a reverse cycle air-conditioning system has, the higher its energy efficiency is.

Smart Features

Homes are turning to smart systems and solutions for ease of use and convenience. Some reverse-cycle air-conditioning models offer intelligent features. For example, reverse cycle air-conditioning systems can be connected to the internet. You can control your smartphone or tablet, even outside the house. So, you can turn on your reverse-cycle air-conditioning system on your way home.

At Climat, we offer only the most proven, reputable brands for all our air-conditioning systems. If you need help choosing which reverse-cycle air-conditioner is most suitable for your home, just let us know; we’ll be happy to help. Our ducted reverse-cycle air-conditioning systems can be installed in new homes or tailored for existing ones.

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