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Zeversolar is revolutionising access to solar power by manufacturing inverters that combine the best of two worlds: German quality standards with Chinese efficiency.

Zeversolar have developed single and three-phase solar string inverters with high efficiencies and maximum reliability for domestic solar power systems. Since its inverters have nominal powers from 1 to 10 kilowatts, different topologies and single or dual MPPT inputs, there is an affordable inverter option to suite any residential homeowner needs.


Zeverlution S Solar Inverters

Single-Phase String Inverters 1kW-3KW

Zever Solar Zeverlution InverterThe Zeverlution inverter generation combines all aspects of our beliefs into simple, reliable and affordable PV inverters. By introducing a patented inverter topology Zeversolar used less power electronic components for further increased reliability. At the same time they have reduced the weight of the inverter by nearly 50%, making it even simpler to install and use. An increased efficiency of 97.5% makes the use of PV systems even more affordable. Furthermore, integrated monitoring via Ethernet or WiFi communication is available, whenever you want, our Zeverlution series.


  • Extremely lightweight with only 6.5kg
  • Compact design with IP65 casing for outdoor use
  • Higher power yield with efficiency of 97.5%
  • Extremely quiet with only 15dB noise
  • Optional integrated Ethernet and Wi-Fi communication
  • Support remote firmware update


Evershine TLC Solar Inverters

Three-Phase String Inverters 4kW – 10kW

Zever Soalr Evershine TLC InvereterBy creating simple, easy to use, affordable and reliable inverters Zeversolar is revolutionising access to solar power and delivering financial savings to home and business owners. The Zeversolar Evershine TLC three-phase inverter is ideal for residential or small commercial applications, .



  • Efficiency 98.1%
  • Max. input voltage 1000V
  • Graphical display
  • Multiple Maximum Powerpoint Tracking
  • IP65 protection class
  • RS485 and Modbus RTU communications
  • Optional integrated Ethernet and Wi-Fi communication
  • Grid management functions via integrated ComBox, ZeverCom, ZeverCom WiFi or ZeverManager


Zeversolar 5 Year Warranty (Optional 10 Year Warranty)

All Zeversolar String Inverter’s purchased through Climat come with a 5 year limited warranty (optional 10 year warranty) for reliability and your peace of mind. To find out more or for a Free quote, Please Click Here!


Up To 60 Month Payemnt Terms

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Why wait? Now’s the time to get a solar power system installed on your home, with easy weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments. Be pre-approved for up to 60 months payment terms online within 24 hours*.

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Zeversolar Zeversolar



The new online monitoring portal, perfect for home owners and business owners who want to monitor their PV Systems from anywhere in the world.
  • Cloud based monitoring system
  • Key system data on one page for easy viewing
  • Easy and convenient performance reporting
  • Centralized management of all plant data
  • Rapid event and yield report by email
  • Accessible by browser or Android and iOS apps
  • Locate your PV plant on the map (app version)
  • Easy to create PV plant by scanning QR code (app version)


The ZeverCom is a cost effective monitoring and control solution designed for the residential home owner.
  • System monitoring via the ZeverCloud Portal
  • Integrated webserver
  • Communicates with up to 5 inverters
  • Standard RS485 interface
  • Remote monitoring via Ethernet or WiFi
  • Power limit setting
  • Integrated multi-function switch/relay
  • Earth fault alarm conformity with AS/NZS 5033
  • Zero export control conformity with Australia Ergon&Energex guideline
  • 5 days of storage for a PV plant with 5 inverters