Rinnai Evaporative Cooling

Rinnai Evaporative Cooling Diagram

Rinnai are now offering a full range of Rinnai Ducted Evaporative Cooling products exclusively in South Australia.

The range offers systems that are perfect for replacement of old units, major renovations or complete new builds – designed to suit homes of all shapes and sizes. Offering the latest technology to ensure the greatest levels of comfort, you can relax with Rinnai this summer.

With 4 technologically advanced systems to choose, Rinnai offers an Evaporative Cooling system to suite most residential applications.


Rinnai A Series – Ducted Evaporative Cooler

rinnai A series evaporative coolerThe Rinnai A Series evaporative coolers are an ideal cooler for new homes and replacements. Featuring a stylish outer casing, all Rinnai A Series coolers also offer the latest in technology, like an uniquely designed water management system that provides exceptional reliability in the toughest conditions.

  • Low operating costs
  • High efficiency cooling pads
  • Australian made
  • Extra airflow
  • Available in three colours: Charcoal, Terra Red and Beige
  • Compatible with either a Networker Controller or Manual Controller



Rinnai C Series – Ducted Evaporative Cooler

rinnai c series evaporative coolerThe Rinnai C Series has the lowest profile and is one of the most advanced evaporative coolers in its class – designed to deliver volumes of cold air without the profile of traditional coolers. It features eco-friendly functions that helps to save up to 45% on water consumption compared to a traditional system.

  • Water management system
  • Motorised winter seal
  • Low profile sloping base
  • Pre-wet function
  • Large Cooling Capacity
  • Up to 130mm thick cooling pads
  • Available in three colours: Charcoal, Terra Red and Beige



Rinnai S Series – Ducted Evaporative Cooler

rinnai s series evaporative coolerThe Rinnai S Series is designed for power, performance and reliability. Incorporating a super-quiet centrifugal fan with high efficiency cooling pads, the Rinnai S Series will keep you cool, calm and relaxed this summer.

  • Super quiet centrifugal fan
  • Water management system
  • Winter seal accessory available
  • High efficiency cooling pads
  • Supplied with programmable controller
  • Available in Charcoal


What is Evaporative Cooling?


A ducted evaporative cooling system features a central cooling unit that is connected to a series of ducts and vents. Placed strategically in the home, these outlets are installed in the ceiling, while the cooling unit is installed on the roof. Cool air flows through these outlets and make your home cool and comfortable.

High Performance, Reliability & Efficiency

  • Up to 50%+ cheaper to install than comparable capacity refrigerated systems.
  • Seven times+ cheaper to run than comparable refrigerated cooling systems.
  • Healthiest way to cool your home.
  • The air inside your home is not re-circulated.
  • Based on a totally natural process of air cooled by water means it won’t dry out the air, or irritate your skin, throat or eyes.
  • As hot air is pushed out of the home, doors can be left open.
  • Uses less electricity than other forms of cooling so is kinder to our environment as its greenhouse gas contribution is a lot lower.

Brivis & Rinnai evaporative-cooling-benefits



9 Year Rinnai Product Warranty

Every Rinnai Ducted Evaporative Cooling system comes with an impressive 9 year Rinnai product warranty. For full terms and conditions, download the Rinnai warranty brochure here.

10 year warranty

10 Year Climat Installation Warranty

Every Ducted Evaporative Cooler purchased through Climat South Australia comes with a generous 10 year installation and workmanship warranty. Trust Climat for great brands, expert advice and peace of mind. For full details request a free quote here.

Up To 60 Month Payemnt Terms

Up To 60 Months Payment Terms – Apply Online*

Why wait? Now’s the time to get a Rinnai Ducted Evaporative Cooler for your home or office, with easy weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments. Be pre-approved for up to 60 months payment terms online within 24 hours*.

Click here to apply online today. It’s simple!

  1. Apply online in minutes.
  2. Receive a decision in 24 hours.
  3. If approved, you will receive a confirmation via email
  4. Call 1300 85 65 85 to book one of our consultants for a free measure and quote, or visit a showroom to complete your purchase. You will need to present your confirmation email and a form of identification e.g. your current driver’s licence.
*Finance lending terms & conditions apply to approved customers.

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Rinnai Evaporative Cooling


Rinnai Networker™

Fully automatic, programmable and featuring Electro-Luminescence (EL) technology, the Networker is not only easy to read, but will allow you to set-and-forget the comfort level you desire.

On full automatic mode, the Networker will detect the surrounding environment and adjust the fan speed and cooling power as required for the ultimate comfort and lowest running cost.


Manual Controller

The Manual Controller allows you to turn on the fan or pump or both and to alter the fan speed to your desired setting.