The Ultimate In Zone & Comfort Control

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MyAir is one of Climat’s premium air conditioning management systems with 10 zones, individual room air flow control and a touchscreen that can double as a tablet.

  • Compatible with all major brands
  • Superior 8-inch tablet with internet access
  • Stylish, intuitive user interface
  • MyAir app for smartphones and tablets
  • Option of temperature sensors
  • Option of energy-saving motion sensors

10 zones keep energy bills comfortable

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You don’t have to be a maths whizz to figure out if the average home has 10 rooms, and the standard air-conditioning system has only 4 or 5 zones, you end up with multiple rooms in each zone. If four people are home, and everyone is using a different zone, you have to run the air-con to the whole house, even though only a few rooms are being used. That adds up to wasted energy.

MyAir Series 5 looks out for your comfort, and your electricity bill, by dividing your home up to 10 zones – one for every room. It allows you to heat or cool only the rooms you are using. More zones equals more control over energy usage.

Integrates With Major Air-Conditioning Brands

MyAir controls Samsung, Daikin, LG, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric and Carrier ducted air-conditioners. MyAir’s touchscreen controls both the air-conditioning unit and air management system, so there’s no need for 2 control panels.

Precision Airflow For Perfect Comfort

MyAir tablet zones
With MyAir you also control how much air each room receives. It uses advanced technology, usually reserved for commercial high rise buildings, that enables you to adjust the airflow to any room in precise 5% adjustments.

Like all the best tablets, MyAir Series 5’s touch screen is simple and intuitive to use. The entire system is designed to be technophobe-friendly. The home screen displays all your options – simply tap on what you want to do and follow the prompts. For example, when you tap on Zones ever y room in the house will be displayed. You can then increase or decrease the airflow to any room by tapping the + or – button next to it. Rooms with optional Individual Temperature Control sensors will display temperature while others display airflow %. We’ve even included a Help button in the unlikely event you need it.

Temperature Sensors

Want even more precise temperature control in certain rooms? Install an Individual Temperature Control (ITC) sensor and the system will automatically adjust the airflow to maintain your selected temperature. Sensors are useful in west facing and upstairs rooms that heat up faster than the rest of the house.

Motion Sensor Option

Motion sensors detect when a room has been empty for 10 minutes, and automatically adjusts the target temperature by 1 degree. If the room is still empty after 20 minutes, the temperature is adjusted by 2 degrees. This small adjustment reduces the room’s energy usage by 20%. When you re-enter the room it will return to your original target temperature.

MyAir Ezone Control Panel Image

An 8-inch Internet Smart Home Control Panel

As daily life migrates online, it’s handy to have a dedicated tablet for the home. The MyAir touchscreen doubles as an Android tablet that lets you keep track of the family’s calendar, check emails, order groceries, play music, pay bills and so much more … all from a centrally located hub that is always powered and wall mounted so it never goes missing!

An app for additional control

MyAir comes with its own app that turns most smartphones or tablets into wireless remote controls, allowing you to control the system from the comfort of your bed or couch. The app works from anywhere your device has an Internet connection, meaning you’ll be able to access it remotely using your MyAir5 app from anywhere in the world. It works on both Apple and Android devices (iOS7+ and Android V4+).

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Up To 60 Month Payemnt Terms

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Why wait? Now’s the time to get a smart air conditioning controller for your ducted system, with easy weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments. Be pre-approved for up to 60 months payment terms online within 24 hours*.

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Home Hub Smart Tablet

The 8-inch colour touch screen does double duty as an Android home hub. When connected to the Internet, it lets you check the weather, the family calendar, email, play music, order groceries, monitor energy usage….


MyAir Series 5 App

Control the system from the comfort of your bed or couch. The MyAir Series 5 App allows most
smartphones or tablets to become a wireless remote control. (Apple iOS7+ and Android V4+)

Individual Room Airflow Control Option

Increase or decrease the airflow to any room


Motion Sensor Option

Keeps your energy bills more comfortable by automatically reducing the airflow to empty rooms. When you walk back in, airflow returns to your chosen setting.

Australian Made

Locally designed and made to withstand harsh Australian conditions. You have the comfort of a 10-year warranty on ducting and mechanical components, and 5 years on electronics.

Compatible with many major brands

MyAir Series 5 controls Samsung, Daikin, LG, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric, and Carrier.