A Guide to Picking the Best Type of Air Conditioning System for Your Melbourne Home

Today, there are so many different air conditioning options available in the market. Choosing the most suitable air conditioning system for your Melbourne home can be a confusing task. It would help if you had advice and guidance from an air conditioning expert.

Not every air conditioning system will work efficiently in your Melbourne home. That is why you need to make a decision wisely. On the positive side, the variety in air conditioning types means there is a perfect system for your requirements.

To help you decide, here is a guide on what to consider when selecting an air conditioning system for your Melbourne home:


Weather Conditions

When evaluating air conditioning systems, weather conditions play a critical role. As a city, Melbourne is known to have four seasons in one day. Therefore, choosing an air conditioning system that can do both cooling and heating will be more efficient.

That is why reverse cycle air conditioning systems are popular amongst Melbourne homeowners.

With reverse cycle air conditioning, you can easily switch between heating and cooling modes. Installing any other heating or cooling units will be unnecessary. Reverse cycle air conditioning can do both functions efficiently. This air conditioning system comes in ducted and split units.


Room Size

Every air conditioning system has a specific capacity. An air conditioning system that is a little too small for space will not function efficiently. The AC system will have to work extra hard to achieve the desired temperature. Because of this, your air conditioning system will consume more power.

In contrast, an air conditioning system that is too large for space will waste money. You will pay for a higher air conditioning capacity that you do not need.

For large, open areas, a ducted air conditioning system will be more suitable. This is because it can air condition your entire Melbourne home. However, a split air conditioning system is a better option to cool or heat an individual room in your Melbourne house.


Humidity Levels

Some air conditioning systems produce cool, dry air. These are suitable for sticky, warm weather with high humidity levels.

An evaporative air conditioning system uses water to cool down the air. As a result, you will get more moist, cool air in your Melbourne house. Evaporative air conditioning systems are also more energy-efficient and cheaper to run.

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